Air Ambulance Perspectives with Christine Levinson


In today’s version of the “Air Ambulance Perspectives,” you meet our own Christine Levinson.  Christine is an Administrative Coordinator and works with our Flight Coordinators.  These coordinators help patients plan for their upcoming flights.

AMF Writer:  Tell us about some fun things you do outside of work.
Christine Levinson: Being with my cats!  Arizona is a great place to be outdoors, so I love taking advantage of the Valley of the Sun and ride quads, go hiking, go bicycling, ride horses, go dancing and go jet skiing.  If it’s a day inside, I love to read and cook.

AMF Writer:  What is a memorable experience you have had with Angel MedFlight?

Christine Levinson: My best times have all been with my co-worker / Flight Coordinator, Stacey Barnard. Not only do we work really well together but we have fun doing it. When we have a heavier than normal workload, we’re always there to support each other. I love being able to count on her and that she’s able to count on me.

AMF Writer:  What is your favorite thing about working with the company?

Christine Levinson: What I like most about working at AMF is the team!  As I mentioned, I spend most of my day interacting with Stacey, but we have a great team of Flight Coordinators that make my day. I also enjoy hearing the positive feedback from the people/families/case managers/social workers who have worked with us. I appreciate that AMF tries to keep the noise in the Flight Coordination room to a minimum so we can focus on serious issues with our patients without interruption.

AMF Writer:  What are your personal goals while working for Angel MedFlight?

Christine Levinson: Some of my goals are to perform every requested task with accountability, honor-ability and my best effort. I want to be able to meet company expectations. Given my extensive administrative background, I believe I can help the company by applying my knowledge in the administrative area including excellent written and verbal communication skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to be extremely productive in a high volume, high stress environment.

AMF Writer:  Talk about a patient experience that has impacted you.

Christine Levinson: There isn’t a particular story that has impacted me personally, but since I’ve been working here I am more appreciative that me and my loved ones are healthy. I’m much more aware of how lucky I am to be able to move my body everyday and that my body doesn’t prevent me from living the life I want to live.

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