Staying Connected – Flight Coordination High-Tech Addition

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Summary: Angel MedFlight adds new flat screen tracking panels to their main hub, allowing them to stay ahead of the game in the digital age.

ImageStaying current in today’s fast paced world is a top priority for the team at Angel MedFlight. Three new 80 inch flat screen tracking panels have recently been added into our Flight Coordination hub to enhance our ability to meet our standards of excellence in outstanding patient care and communication. The panels provide complete visibility to worldwide real-time patient flight status companywide.

Angel MedFlight operates on a software application that manages all facets of the business.  The panels allow benefits for both internal and external usage. The application delivers a high degree of visibility for quick and accurate information, allowing Flight Coordination to focus on what matters the most; our patients. Information is pulled directly from Salesforce (the cloud-based system we use for both internal and external communication in our company) and consistently updates every 30 seconds.  This unique cloud technology allows Angel MedFlight to remain ahead of the game in the digital age while providing real-time information to those who need it.

The colors on the panels will change based on the stage of the patients case, flight status, and/or follow up steps needed.  This coding system helps the flight coordinators quickly have access to information that then helps them provide efficient patient care.  So whether the screen show grey for a completed flight or green that a flight is in progress or red that a patient lead needs to be followed-up on, our team is moving full steam ahead assuring that they are helping as many patients as possible. 

Working as the center of communication, Flight Coordinators use exceptional communication skills to provide for our patients.  The new panels serve as visuals that contribute to the efficiency of the fast paced working environment. Logistics Manager, Melinda Tran adds “we are excited to have the new panels up, allowing us to work more effectively as a team and be more attentive to patient details.” Working as leaders in communication for the company, Flight Coordinators streamline the process for case managers, patients, and their families, working on all of the details that go into a successful air ambulance transfer.

Streamlining the travel experience is no easy task, Flight Coordinators work diligently with several of their peers to ensure a safe and comfortable air ambulance experience for the patient and their loved ones.  This past month, Angel MedFlight has had its most successful month in the company’s history and is on track for continuous growth and patient transfers. The new panels are only the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for 2013!

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