Meet our Air Ambulance Family: Taylor McNeely

TaylorMcNeelyBlogAngel MedFlight could not have the caliber of excellence without the amazing staff working day-in and day out.  We like to take time to highlight some of our outstanding employees, and what it is they do at Angel MedFlight.

When you call in to Angel MedFlight for an air ambulance, you will be directed towards one of our Flight Coordinators.  This highly trained group of nurses and case managers help with every aspect of the flight from arranging the flight, the airport, the crew, the medical records and even arranging ground transportation.  One of those people on the other side of the phone is Taylor McNeely a Case Manager / Flight Coordinator as well as an RN, BSN, and CNOR.

Angel MedFlight Reporter:  When you are not in Flight Coordination, what do you do in your spare time?

Taylor: Living on the Valley, there are lots of places to go hiking.  I also enjoy scrapbooking and of course spending time with my family.

Angel MedFlight Reporter: We deal with some many amazing patients.  Is there a moment that stands out to you specifically?

Taylor:  My most memorable moment would have to be coordinating and scheduling my first flight.  I can say there is something memorable about every flight we put together as every patient has their own unique story and situation.

Angel MedFlight Reporter: For those who do not know what we do every day, what would you say is the best part of your job?

Taylor: It is extremely rewarding to be able to assist in a patient receiving care and treatment that may save their life as well as reuniting them with family at such a critical time.  I also enjoy working so closely with the Angel MedFlight team; every member has a different strength to contribute.

Angel MedFlight Reporter: What do you strive for in regards to your job?

Taylor:  I always work to be viewed as a resource for my team members and to function as a strong advocate for our patients on a daily basis.

Angel MedFlight Reporter: Is there a time when a patient’s story impacted you personally?

Taylor: Almost every flight or story that we hear impacts me on a daily basis as we get to know our patients and callers on such a personal level.  The pediatric flights truly impact me as children are so innocent, and to deal with such a large struggle at such a young age.  They are so courageous.

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