Angel’s Teaming Up

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor
St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona attracts patients and physicians from all over the world, primarily for their Barrow Neurological Institute, the leading neurological institute in the nation for adults. In recent times, only adults have had the advantage of going to a leading institute that focuses primarily on the research of the neurosciences, but times are changing, and now technological advances have been made to treat children.  Two people who have made this treatment a reality for children all over the nation are Dr. David Adelson and wife, Barbara Jean  Adelson.  This couple has now come to the Valley of the Sun to make a difference for children all over the country.
Dr. Adelson leads the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As the head of neurosurgery, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge, including a 14 million-dollar clinical trial funded by the Institute of Health. Adelson  was recruited from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg based on both his professional and academic affiliations. Adelon’s new division at the hospital brings together neurosurgery, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, physical medicine, rehabilitation, neuro- critical care, neuro-radiologiy, and epilepsy.
Hoping to soon be the leading Pediatric Neuroscience Institute in the nation, wife, Barbara Jean Adelson is founder and CEO of an organization called Angel’s Supporting Pediatric Neurosciences. ASPN funds advanced therapies for babies and children affected with neurological conditions, as well as supporting children and their families along their journey back to health.  Barbara Jean’s passion for ASPN comes from her own experience as a mother travelling all over the country with a child in need of help.  Today, Barbara Jean and the Board of Directors for the organization work as a persistent group of individuals raising funds for research for treatment of pediatric neurosciences.
As a corporate sponsor to this year’s ASPN event, “Adleson in Wonderland,” Angel MedFlight is excited to join forces with this incredible organization. Both Angel MedFlight and the Angel’s have many common goals, including providing exceptional services and expert care to all in need. The Angel’s will be hosting their annual benefit of children, emceed by our Director of Public Relations and former TV personality, Jennifer Vogel.  They will have food, drinks and live performances from some well-known performers, and they will even be hosting a surprise celebrity! Tickets are on sale at and 100 percent of the proceeds of the April 6th event  will go to the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Let’s all join together and help save a life- don’t be late, it’s a very important date!

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