Angel MedFlight Now Using the Latest Technology in Online Video Players

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


At Angel MedFlight, we celebrate the work of all of our team members.  Sometimes, it’s for an award we received, sometimes it’s for exceptional patient service, and sometimes, like today, we celebrate the work of our latest innovation from our website developers. would like to introduce you to our new HTML5 video players we now have implemented all over our website.   Without forcing you to don pocket protectors and quote Star Trek I will just state that the new HTML5 Flowplayer Video Players (in CSS overlays) we are now using are a huge evolutionary step forward in the world of web video.  These players allow us to ensure a consistent and clear viewing experience no matter what browser or device being used. 

Web video has had a rough pixilated past and it is still all too common to find sites were the videos won’t play, require some obscure plug-in, play unclear, or are littered with Ads.  Some sites even resort to having the viewer pick different version of the video that might work with their system, connection or browser. 

Previously, we used Flash video players on our site because that technology offered the greatest chance of a visitor visiting our site being able to play our videos and allowed for customizing the player. Of course we started with that type of player at a time were most people did their web browsing on a desktop or laptop.  With large-scale adoption of mobile tablet and phone browsing, along with various other devices that have now become Web capable a better more efficient solution is needed.  

What one finds in approaching web video these days is oddly that the solution is not necessarily the full answer.   Web video is actually built into the new HTML5 capable browsers that come with mobile devices and the latest modern browsers.  Someone may wonder, why not just post our videos in HTML5 alone? Well, the thick rimmed taped together glasses answer is that HTML5 is a web specification that hasn’t been fully finished or fully adopted yet.  Older devices, operating systems and browsers also still make up a large percentage of website visitors and still need to be able to view the same content.  This issue today is so prevalent that there are hundreds of competing ideas on what to do about it.

While sparing you the “pocket-protector” details, it should be noted that we researched and tested many of these solutions before choosing Flowplayer.   Flowplayer’s original player was actually a Flash player, one that we had in fact used in the past.  Facing the issues mentioned prior, they decided to re- imagine the player in HTML5.  If this had been all that they did, we would not have chosen their player code for our site.  What made us choose Flowplayer was that it was completely configurable, offered great viewing and most importantly, it could fall back and play as a Flash player for visitors without HTML5 compatibility.  

Let us know what you think of your video-viewing experience and enjoy our new video players on our home page


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