Mother: ‘Forever grateful’ for Angel MedFlight

By Angel MedFlight Contributor


Every so often here at Angel MedFlight we receive a thoughtful note expressing gratitude for the top-notch air ambulance service we provide. Maybe you read about Angel MedFlight’s One Touch Promise® – an assurance that every detail is handled in the medical transport of you or your loved one.  A recent note from a patient’s mother exemplifies Angel MedFlight’s commitment to use all of our resources to guide and support the transport process from start to finish.

Our story begins with Josh,  who in early December 2012 was hospitalized in Charlottesville, Va., awaiting open heart surgery. In her letter to us, Josh’s mother says the surgery was delayed because her son’s oxygen level “dropped drastically.”  He remained hospitalized at the University of Virginia while doctors decided their next step.

It was decided that Josh should go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., for consultation and hopefully, surgery. His mother says Josh was not allowed on a commercial flight as it was necessary to transport him with six pounds of oxygen.

Josh’s mother contacted Angel MedFlight and soon after, the patient was transported “quickly and efficiently” to Rochester. Josh’s mother was pleased she could accompany her son on the flight. In the letter, she commends  the whole staff — from the pilot, to the ground crews and the nursing staff on board which cared for both of them. “They were so efficient, cheerful and caring,” writes Josh’s mother. She adds Angel MedFlight “helped us cope with a frightening experience. We will never forget our flight with our caregivers.”

Angel MedFlight prides itself for putting every patient first and taking care of every detail. Our team of compassionate experts in the fields of medicine, aviation, insurance law, and case management are with you the whole way through to ensure a successful transport. We focus on every step of the process, so that you can keep your attention on what really matters…the patient, your friend, your loved one.

Fast forward to March 2013 and Josh’s mother is happy to report that after 5 1/2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic which included two surgeries and 10 days spent in intensive care, her son has returned to work.

In a true testimony of Angel MedFlight’s commitment to patient care, Josh’s mother closes her note by writing, “We will forever be grateful to Angel MedFlight, the organization, and most of all, the wonderful people who care so much for their patients and families.”

Josh’s mother touched us with her lovely letter. Transporting Josh and his mom was another opportunity for Angel MedFlight to make a positive impact on the life of others in the midst of a medical crisis.  We’re just one call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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