Meet our team: Sharon Mico, Quality Assurance Director

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Quality Assurance Director Sharon Mico

Quality Assurance Director Sharon Mico

At Angel MedFlight, it’s our mission to transport patients across the country or around the world while delivering the kind of quality care you will not get from any of our competitors. Angel MedFlight has many employees who work behind the scenes to make certain we exceed our patients’ expectations and take care of them every step of the way. One of these employees is Quality Assurance Director Sharon Mico.

A native of Kansas City, Mo., Sharon’s primary responsibility is to review patient transport charts to ensure accuracy and compliance of documents within the chart. The patients’ records are uploaded into our database and Sharon reviews all areas of the transport documentation, making sure the uploaded information is executed correctly.

Angel MedFlight promises Bedside-to-Bedside® service and Sharon plays a pivotal role in making sure that happens.

When our medical crew arrives at the patient’s bedside, the information is uploaded into the database. Our in-flight medical teams will send medical documents such as ECG strips, patient release forms and a transport summary. Sharon is at the receiving end, scanning and uploading those records. She maintains the locations of the physical charts from conception to completion.

Sharon’s responsibilities don’t end there. She also assists our Flight Coordination Department on a daily basis, creating and updating facility and physician accounts within our database.

Ask Sharon to pick out one patient story that stands out to her and she’ll tell you there are just too many memorable ones.
“I have read so many stories in my job that impact me every day,” says Sharon. “I can’t pick just one because they have all touched my heart in one way or another. I’m just thankful these patients and their families have Angel MedFlight to turn to when they are in need of air ambulance services.”

One of the keys to a successful organization like Angel MedFlight is having versatile team members. Sharon shows off that versatility completing projects from the Business Development/Marketing team as well as the Legal and Claims departments.

Sharon knows a great deal about teamwork having spent 10 years as a member of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs organization. She fondly remembers working under Hall of Fame owner Lamar Hunt and watching the great teams of coach Hank Stram.

She began her career with Angel MedFlight in 2009 and her career also includes a stint with Sierra Pacific Airlines, a Part 125 charter.

She assures quality in her favorite travel destination as well. Sharon loves the warm turquoise water and sugar white sand beaches of St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

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