Angel MedFlight and Aviation West Charters climb even higher

By Brandon Kearns – Director of Flight Operations


This has been truly an exciting week in the Aviation West Charters, Aviation Department.
Aviation West Charters was not only recognized nationally by being awarded a Platinum rating by the Aviation Research Group (ARGUS), but internationally as well with a rating from IS-BAO.

The ARGUS Platinum rating is the highest level of safety rating that Aviation Research Group awards to private aviation companies. IS-BAO, or International Standard for Business Aircraft, was developed by the aviation industry and is a code of best practices. It was designed to help flight departments worldwide reach a high level of safety and professionalism.

These recognitions and awards are only given to those operators who truly are the best of the best. Aside from our recent awards, Aviation West Charters will continue to focus on operating a World Class operation and bettering itself each and every day.

Aviation West Charters has aspired since its inception to provide its customers and clientele with the best service possible. After several months of research it was decided that Aviation West Charters needed to increase its mission capability with a new type of aircraft. One that was able to serve our current mission but also one that was able to broaden our horizons with faster speed and increased range.

The Citation X was selected as being Aviation West Charters’ best choice to provide the fastest speed, increased range, and a cabin which provides the best comfort in the industry.


Cessna Citation X

The Cessna-built Citation X can climb to 51,000 feet and cruise at speeds that almost reach the sound barrier. No aircraft has been able to cross the North Atlantic at speeds closer to the speed of sound since the Concorde went out of service in the 1990’s. Currently the Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft in production.
The Citation X flight deck includes a Garmin G5000 avionics suite, which features touch-screens, similar to those on smartphones, as controllers. These controllers can be customized for how data is presented with pilots able to view dimensional terrain renderings and precise weather patterns.

Two Rolls-Royce engines power the Citation X, which can reach 43,000 feet in 23 minutes. The wings are swept back and winglets help the aircraft achieve higher altitude and speed, without sacrificing stability at slower speeds.

It goes without saying that this past week was indicative of Aviation West Charters’ drive to provide the safest, quickest, customer oriented operation in the world.

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