Meet Our Team: Kindle Tannery, Chief Pilot

Chief Pilot Kindle Tannery

Chief Pilot Kindle Tannery

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

When you or your loved one is medically transported by Angel MedFlight’s premier air ambulance service, there is a good chance you are flying with Chief Pilot Kindle Tannery at the throttle.
Kindle joined Aviation West Charters DBA Angel MedFlight almost two years ago. As Chief Pilot he ensures that all flight operations are conducted safely while also managing matters pertaining to crewmember training, compliance and scheduling.

He grew up in Tyler, Texas but since becoming a pilot Kindle has lived in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California and Arizona. Ask Kindle when he first thought of flying planes and he’ll tell you, “I can always remember wanting to be a pilot since being in diapers.”

That offers a nice segue to what Kindle lists as his most memorable experience at Angel MedFlight — transporting newborn quintuplets from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Wilmington, N.C. Kindle says the mission involved using one of our Learjets to transport the babies and their parents home after a very long stay at Neonatology Associates in Phoenix. Kindle says, “It was a rewarding experience to witness the family reuniting with all their friends and loved ones and welcoming home these newborn babies.”

Angel MedFlight employees are often deeply moved by the patients they serve. Kindle says he has yet to finish a Wounded Warrior mission without getting emotional at the end. “It’s amazing to witness the amount of support that meets the aircraft, ” says Kindle. “It’s a reminder to me that these young men have sacrificed all for my freedom and I’m truly grateful for their service.”

As Chief Pilot for Aviation West Charters, Kindle says he strives daily to improve the company’s flight operations by instilling the highest safety standards, focusing on the pilot training and providing an elite level of customer service. “It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of a worldwide air ambulance operation where we can reach anywhere in the world with little notice. ”

It’s that kind of commitment to safety which helped Aviation West Charters recently achieve not only the highly sought after Platinum safety rating from the Aviation Research Group (ARGUS) but also recognition from the International Standard for Business Aircraft (IS-BAO). Kindle says it’s exciting to be a small part of a large operation that truly makes a difference in the lives of others. That’s where Kindle shows his modesty. We at Angel MedFlight think Kindle Tannery is a large part of our company’s rise to the top of the air ambulance industry.

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