Angel MedFlight To Transport Hit-and-Run Victim Home

Selester “Les” Rowe (Photo courtesy:

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

He was homeless in San Francisco when he was seriously injured almost a year ago by a hit-and-run driver. Now Angel MedFlight is helping Selester “Les” Rowe get back to his hometown of Columbus, Ga.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Rowe was crossing the street in the city’s North Beach neighborhood on May 12 of last year when he was struck by a speeding SUV. Rowe suffered brain and spinal injuries along with multiple broken bones and spent several months recovering in a rehabilitation center.  The hit-and-run suspect remains at large.

The Examiner’s website says Rowe is known as the homeless man who stood outside a bank but never asked for a handout. He was a neighborhood fixture who nodded to passers-by and would often say, “Have a nice day” and, “God bless you.” The night he was hit, the 63-year-old Rowe was crossing the street with a piece of pizza.

Almost a year later Rowe has recovered enough to be taken home from the rehabilitation center to Columbus. The family didn’t have the money to fly him there, but thanks to a community-wide effort, Rowe will be going home.

The Bay City News reports a group of Rowe’s high school classmates and friends from Columbus and other areas raised enough money for Rowe to travel home via Angel MedFlight, the leader and innovator in air ambulance service.

Larry Anderson, a high school classmate of Rowe’s, tells the Bay City News website the majority of the money was raised in less than two months. Money came from several local churches, a Georgia state representative, and even a fish fry held in a grocery store parking lot.

Anderson tells the website, “The money just came from everywhere,” and that it “was a life-changing experience” for him. He says it made him feel “really great about the just the spirit of the human race.”

With Angel MedFlight as the chosen medical transport service, Rowe will fly with our top-of-the-line critical care medical and aviation staff. Our medically configured jets are equipped with the latest technology in medical devices and serve as flying intensive care units.

It hasn’t been determined yet when Rowe will be flown to Georgia. Anderson tells the Bay City News a rehabilitation center with adequate resources and an open bed for him have not yet been found in the Columbus area.

Angel MedFlight applauds the efforts of the community which supported Rowe when he needed it most. This was a gesture of love and care — the same love and care Angel MedFlight gives the patients it transports on a daily basis.

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