What Makes Us Different: Angel MedFlight’s Business Development Team


Business Development team members Jackie Martinez, Jennifer Vogel and Barry Keyles (right) with medic Tim Camp

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

You’re in need of medical transport. You’ve heard the name Angel MedFlight, but you’re not really sure who we are or aware of the outstanding work we do. So you make a phone call or you do an internet search. And when you find more answers, whether it’s from a phone conversation or through social media, it was our Business Development Department that helped provide those answers.

Jennifer Vogel heads the business development team at Angel MedFlight and says communicating with the public is job one. “We make sure we are capturing leads, following up on those leads and making sure we’re giving outstanding customer service to every person that calls or communicates with Angel MedFlight, ” says Vogel.

Facebook has emerged as one of business development’s best communication tools. It allows us to educate the public about the premier services we provide and also get instantaneous feedback. Vogel says, “we receive so many interesting comments on our Facebook page …from people who are looking for help and comfort and we’re able to provide that through social media, through our website, through phone calls and especially through community events.”

Video is another great tool we are able to use through social media, especially videos about our patients as we tell their stories through their eyes. Vogel says one of the greatest compliments is when our patients praise us in their own words through video testimonials, emails or social media posts.

Because Angel MedFlight is a worldwide company we often have a lot of communication with clients who have not met us face to face.  Our clients are often dealing with a devastating medical issue in their family and when they call us they don’t see a face on the other end of the line. “What we try to offer through blogs and social media and through our videos is a face for them,” says Vogel.

Another important facet of business development for us at Angel MedFlight is our blog site. Vogel says the company’s number-one function of blogs is to communicate through our own voice so we can educate someone about the types of services that we provide. “We’ve had a lot of patients call in and say ‘I read that blog and it touched me in this way’ or ‘I saw that blog, I’d like to apply for a job here.’ And to me that’s a win,” says Vogel.

Behind the top-notch service that Angel MedFlight provides are top-notch people. “Whether its graphics design, video, copywriting, every person we have hired in their role is the rock star of their industry, ” says Vogel.  She says Angel MedFlight has hand-picked every person to come in and show their expertise.  “Our team makes sure that every word placement, photo, video edit or word font are chosen with love and care. The same kind of love and care that we show to our patients we do in our day-to-day operations,” says Vogel.

Our business development team is also the force behind our trade show appearances. These shows are critical for us because they allow us to educate the people on what an air ambulance is and does. “On top of that, ” says Vogel, “we’re able to let them know Angel MedFlight is head and shoulders above the rest. That we offer exceptional care.”

Vogel says Angel MedFlight wants to make sure that when we are branding and communicating in business development that our message is clear. And that message is patients come first.

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