What Makes Us Different: Angel MedFlight’s Salesforce Team


Angel MedFlight Salesforce developer Cliff Dickey

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Simply put, it is the nerve center of Angel MedFlight.

Salesforce and the outstanding team of developers we have behind it help us give our patients unparalleled care and gets our flight crews from here to there. Without this customer relationship management product and our team of developers, Angel MedFlight would not be what it is today — the leading air ambulance service.

When Angel MedFlight transports a patient, there are numerous people involved in that individual’s case. Flight coordinators, pilots, medics and members of our claims department all have data to enter and records to store.

Salesforce is cloud-based product meaning companies like Angel MedFlight can use it for real-time sales and customer communications.  What makes Angel MedFlight unique is we have our Salesforce developers in-house, working their magic. These talented people help maintain the program and customize it for our business needs.

Why is Salesforce so important to Angel MedFlight? It helps us track the status of our patients from start to finish.  Which means, it is the backbone of our Bedside-to-Bedside® Promise. Because it’s in the cloud, our medics and pilots can use Salesforce while in the air. It also helps with leads and generates revenue.

Cliff Dickey is part of our talented SalesForce team and says the program can do just about anything. He says what makes it so special is it can be customized to do what we want it to.

Dickey and others have created a number of features in Salesforce  to help all of us at Angel MedFlight do our jobs. Dickey has helped to create reports for finance and also for the flight crews so they can keep an inventory of medical supplies. “Salesforce automates workflow,” says Dickey. “You can track anything you put in it, like patient records.”

Salesforce is used the moment a patient or case manager calls Angel MedFlight. That call becomes a “lead” and is handled by our Flight Coordination team. Our flight coordinators input all the patient’s data and when it’s confirmed the patient will be utilizing our service, the lead becomes an “opportunity.”

This is where Salesforce and the team behind it click into high gear. The program not only keeps the patient’s medical records, but it stores information on the where the plane is going including  the sending and receiving airports and hospitals.

Dickey says the program has been customized to not only track medical supply inventory but also expenses and flight crew arrangements including accommodations.

With Salesforce, Angel MedFlight is able to provide a level of service that our competitors cannot. “I don’t know what we’d do without it, ” says Dickey.

This writer takes it a step further, wondering what we’d do without the brilliant minds of our Salesforce team that keep the program and our company revving on a daily basis.

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