Angel MedFlight Loves To Hear From You


Example of the Angel MedFlight survey graphic

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

At Angel MedFlight it’s important that we hear from our clients.  Our mission statement is to understand the desires and needs of our patients, as well as to perform services which exceed the quality of any other organization within the air ambulance industry. One way for us to continue operating at the highest standard and maintaining five-star service is to get feedback.

A recent survey of case managers shows we continue to get high marks. We’d like to share with you some of the results and what people in the industry are saying about Angel MedFlight.

Word gets out about Angel MedFlight in many ways. The majority of respondents heard about us at one of our several trade show appearances. Internet searches were the second-most common way of learning about our top-of-the line air ambulance service.

Angel MedFlight maintains a strong presence in the community, such as at Barrett-Jackson or at the recent Relay for Life in Anthem, Ariz. And many of the survey respondents learned about us at one our many event appearances. Referrals by case managers, through friends and family and by hospitals were also popular.

The numbers speak for themselves. When asked to rate the service you received on your very first phone call to Angel MedFlight, with one being worst and 10 being best, the large majority of respondents gave us a 10! And while some didn’t end up using our service, we read things like, “Haven’t decided yet, definitely keeping this service in mind.”

Then there are the folks who did in fact use Angel MedFlight, and we are glad to know they were quite pleased. One particular comment from a case manager tells us we’re doing our job when she writes, “Great customer service. I have both  personal and professional interactions with the company. Great people and so helpful!!”

Your calls to Angel MedFlight are answered by flight coordinators who are licensed nurses and case managers. This person wrote, “The person to whom I spoke was very accommodating and was able to answer all my questions. I am a pilot as well as a nurse so not only did I have medical questions, I had questions about the flight and I was very satisfied that all my questions were answered.”

Angel MedFlight strives to provide comfort during some of the most difficult transports for patients and family. One case manager says our staff worked “diligently” to let “a little one go home to spend the final days of her life in a world she was comfortable in, knew and loved.” Words that aren’t easy to read but a trip that our compassionate experts at Angel MedFlight were glad to make happen.

Yes, the survey results are impressive but Angel MedFlight never rests on its laurels. We are always open to more feedback and will strive to be passionate about our core principles of customer service, integrity and operational excellence.

We at Angel MedFlight are always looking for more feedback and we invite you take our survey.


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