To Law School and Beyond: Angel MedFlight’s Nathan A. Prince


Angel MedFlight law clerk Nathan A. Prince after Arizona State law school graduation ceremony

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Nathan A. Prince hit the trifecta last summer when he joined Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance as a law clerk. He was always fascinated with airplanes, was interested in health care law and wanted to work for a successful and innovative business.  Nate recently graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State, adding another chapter to this young man’s extraordinary journey.

Nate (as he’s called around the office) grew up in the Washington, DC suburb of  Greenbelt, Md. This is by no means the inner city but Nate acknowledges that some of DC’s problems, i.e. crime and underachieving schools, bled into his hometown.

His mother Juanita Prince thought Nate deserved a better education than what he might receive near home so she sought out to find alternative schools. One day while watching Oprah Winfrey she learned about the organization “A Better Chance,” which as their website states, opens “the door to greater educational opportunities.”


Nathan A. Prince with mother Juanita (right) and sister Natalee

Juanita contacted several Better Chance Community Schools throughout the nation and after an interview process, Nate was accepted to the program in Amherst, Mass. “She made it her mission to get me into this program,” says Nate. He  spent the next four years living in “A Better Chance” housing with a number of other Scholars, as they’re called, and attended Amherst High School.

Nate says Amherst High School and the Better Chance program were the best thing for him as he learned structure and discipline. Three hours of study hall meant three hours of study. This was quite different from what he may have experienced in Greenbelt, where the high school he would have attended was overcrowded and included a police substation. Nate knows of at least one stabbing on the school’s front steps.

From Amherst, Mass., it was on to Saint Louis University where with a goal of flying planes, Nate majored in Aviation Science Professional Pilot. At SLU, he got his private pilot’s license and commercial instrument multi-engine rating.

After graduating with an aviation degree from SLU, Nate began re-thinking his career goals and he gravitated toward a career in business. He asked himself, “How do I make enough money to afford an airplane or lessons or periodic rentals and still do something that I enjoy?” He first landed in the home health industry in Dallas, working for his future mother-in-law to help provide in-home caregivers and nurses.

While working in health care, Nate often found himself frustrated by a lot of the jargon used by Medicare and  government agencies. “I kept saying to myself, ‘It would be nice if I understood this, it would be nice if could do something about this.’” Nate knew he’d like to advocate for patients and help them get the benefits they deserved.

His journey continued at Arizona State law school in Tempe, the same city where his wife was attending naturopathic medical school. All smiles after his recent graduation ceremony, Nate now holds a certificate in law science and technology with a specialization in health law.

Nate came to Angel MedFlight last summer, joining our team as a law clerk. He’s been a stalwart drafting documents such as patient appeals, doing a lot of legal research and working on litigation documents. Lately he’s been doing more hands-on research which involves talking directly with insurance companies.

Why Angel MedFlight and not a law firm for Nate? He says, “Law firms are interesting but I enjoy businesses because they are constantly developing and they’re changing.”

Angel MedFlight offers new patient experiences every day and is a leader and innovator in the air ambulance industry.

Nate will be leaving us temporarily to spend the summer studying for the bar exam. But Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is happy to know that upon passage, he plans to rejoin us a full-fledged attorney working in our legal department.

Nate has shown great dedication during his journey and we congratulate him on his graduation from law school.

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