Memorial Day Travel Ahead? Be Travel Assured


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and that means people hitting the road or jumping on a plane for brief getaway. This presents a great opportunity to tell you about Travel Assurance Promise, a membership-based program that simply put — lets you travel with assurance. In other words, should you need medically necessary air ambulance service to a hospital closer to home, a membership with Travel Assurance Promise gets you there via Angel MedFlight’s premier worldwide air ambulance service.

A membership with Travel Assurance Promise provides people the opportunity to go on vacation or travel for business and feel that regardless of what happens. Travel Assurance Promise Chief Executive Officer Chris Montgomery says, “whether it be a serious illness or accident, they will get home in a first-class and safe manner.” Patients are transported using Angel MedFlight’s patented Bedside-to-Bedside® service.

Assurance is the key word here, says Montgomery. “If something happens during your travels and you need medical transport, you don’t have to worry about the process, we’ll take care of it for you.”

Why have a membership with Travel Assurance Promise? Unfortunately, unforeseen things happen while traveling. And Montgomery says when they do happen, “typically chaos ensues. Here at Travel Assurance Promise, we are going to eliminate that chaos, eliminate that worry. We’re going to provide you with a plan. So that when you travel, you know what the plan is to make sure you get back home safely.”

Montgomery came to Travel Assurance Promise after working for several years as an executive for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. He pointed to a sports journalist as an example of someone who should consider a Travel Assurance Promise membership.

Montgomery points to the crowds of people who descend upon a city for a major sporting, for example a Super Bowl or All-Star game. What if a reporter, far from home, gets into a traffic accident and needs critical care? If the hospital where the person is taken to doesn’t have the necessary staff or equipment to take care of the patient, or if he can’t fly commercially, a Travel Assurance Membership gets that patient to a hospital closer to home.

Members who travel more than 200 miles away from home and require a medically necessary flight can benefit from a Travel Assurance Promise membership. So if your Memorial Day weekend plans involve taking the family RV out for a camping trip, purchasing a membership with Travel Assurance Promise would be a wise choice.

“The last thing you want to worry about is when you do have an accident, what happens next? Travel Assurance Promise works with Angel MedFlight, which is the best air ambulance provider in the nation. They provide the best care and in the end, that’s what we want for our families, the best care,” said Montgomery.

Concerned about cost? Montgomery says if a person buys a membership for ten years, they’re going to pay a fraction of the cost for one flight. “The membership provides you something at a very low cost with a really big win on the end,” said Montgomery. Travel Assurance Promise provides a variety of memberships including individual and family for both domestic and international travel.

Montgomery’s vision for Travel Assurance is to make the company the standard in the industry. “It’s a program that people ask ‘Why should I have it?’ This is a program where you’re going to ask, ‘Why shouldn’t I have it?”

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