Meet Our Team: Mobile Salesforce/Software Developer James Galindo


Angel MedFlight Mobile Salesforce/Software Developer James Galindo

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

One of the nice things about the cloud-based customer relationship management product known as Salesforce is that it can be customized for Angel MedFlight’s business needs. One of the talented people who helps keep Salesforce humming here is James Galindo.

Galindo, who moved to the Scottsdale area late last year from Fort Worth, Texas is our Mobile Salesforce/Software Developer and is currently responsible for implementing iPhone and iPad applications. Galindo says this entails evaluating designs, determining architecture, laying out and styling controls and creating custom controls. His typical day also includes wiring up interactions and tying client application into various back-end technologies including Salesforce and FOS Systems.

Working at Angel MedFlight has impacted Galindo in many ways. A memory that stands out is when he watched a news story about a family that needed to get from Texas to New York and Angel MedFlight donated the flight. “It was interesting to watch the family discuss the pain and emotional toll which families go through when someone in their family is ill and help is hundreds if not thousands of miles away and knowing that Angel MedFlight can make small miracles happen in those cases,” says Galindo.

Galindo is impressed how at Angel MedFlight each employee fits a specific role and works together to get a flight in the air. Working together is key to our One Touch Promise.® At Angel MedFlight our team of experts in the fields of medicine, case management, aviation, and insurance law handle every detail from the very first call. All of us are working on your behalf to ensure a successful mission.

When Galindo arrived at Angel MedFlight in 2012 he was taken by the  breathtaking views we have here at the Scottsdale Airpark. He thinks back to when he walked out to the hangar for the first time and saw the majesty of the of the McDowell Sonoran Mountains, where he likes to run.

Looking ahead, Galindo has set some goals of becoming even more proficient in building mobile native applications for all Apple devices. He says, “communication is key when it comes to gathering business requirements on new projects and translating those into technical specifications so the end product becomes what the user envisioned.”

Galindo loves the outdoors and when he’s not developing software for us, he spends a lot of his free time running and hiking. He tries out new mountain trails every chance he gets and has two golden labs that keep him company.

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