Angel MedFlight: Committed to Safety


Aviation West Charters maintenance technician John Courtemanche wheels a Learjet 60 into place for fueling

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

At Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, your safety is priority number one. Angel MedFlight and Aviation West Charters operate and meticulously maintain a fleet of state-of-the-art medically dedicated jets. We control the quality of our the aircraft and have maintained a perfect safety record.

Brandon Kearns is the Flight Operations Director for Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate Holder, Aviation West Charters. Kearns says, “We spend a considerable amount of time, effort and energy ensuring that we have an effective safety management system that consistently and constantly mitigates risks to an acceptable level.”

Angel MedFlight’s safety management system is one that can adapt and identify. “It’s almost like a living organism, ” says Kearns, “it sits there and constantly monitors. And that’s really the big part of it. Safety awareness and a culture that’s driven based on safe operations.”

Pilot training at Angel MedFlight is continuous. Our captains maintain 1st class medical certificates, perform FAA checkrides and semi-annual simulator training in the make and model of aircraft being flown. Co-Captains must undergo annual simulator training.


Angel MedFlight’s Learjet 35 was completely rebuilt for air medical transports and received several modifications

Kearns points out that it takes some finesse to maintain an optimum safety management system. “We do that through the utilization of systems that quantify risk variables allowing us to identify just what are the high-risk elements of a flight and how they inter-relate with one another. Through this we can utilize those to minimize the particular risk variables to an associated flight ensuring that the whole is an acceptable risk level so that it doesn’t push the flight crew, the aircraft and all those involved with the flight beyond a point where they would become task-saturated.” In a way, Kearns says, it’s like protecting against having too much on your plate.

Kearns says hiring the right pilots is a key ingredient to Angel MedFlight’s perfect safety record. “It’s in the interview process. It’s finding that guy that not only can do his job but his personality aligns with the theme and the voice of the flight department.” Kearns says Angel MedFlight is always trying to find the right people who share the same vision and the same type of drive, “And especially in aviation, the same type of decision-making because right there you can eliminate a lot of the interpersonal issues, eliminate a lot of the conflict, just because you’re getting like kind of people.”

We are proud to have a perfect safety record and this is reflected by our recent ARGUS Platinum rating and international recognition by IS-BAO.

Angel MedFlight’s Learjets and the Citation X  feature pressurized cabins and are configured to serve as flying hospital intensive care units. A medical flight with us means an aircraft equipped with custom stretcher along with specialized equipment and medications. The jets  transporting your patient or loved one are customized with the patient’s comfort, care and utmost safety in mind.

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