For Summer Release: My Real Life Moment


“My Real Life Moment” in production at Angel MedFlight.

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Coming soon to a desktop and mobile device near you: Real people. Real stories. Videos that are unscripted, shot in real time, and tell the inspiring and often heart-rendering stories of Angel MedFlight patients. Welcome to “My Real Life Moment,” videos which Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance will release this summer.

Angel MedFlight videographer Albert Miller says the patients and the families want their stories to be told to help other families in similar situations. Miller says the videos revolve around “normal, everyday people who go through medical issues.” Angel MedFlight is not intruding on these patients and their families. They have given us permission to document their stories. “These people are willing to allow us to shoot them because they have confidence in how we operate,” says Miller.

“My Real Life Moment” will explore the story of a five-year-old boy and his courageous battle with brain cancer. You’ll see how the family learned of Angel MedFlight when the boy’s condition worsened while the family was on vacation and learn of the help they received from an anonymous family. Another edition of “My Real Life Moment” will focus on a former architectural engineer who became homeless in San Francisco. You’ll see how communities came together to have Angel MedFlight fly this man to his hometown in Georgia after he was seriously injured in a hit-and-run.

Miller says, “We want people to know the realness of it, that these are unscripted stories that are happening as you see it.” Miller uses a technique known as Guerilla filmmaking to shoot the videos. “It’s a one-camera shoot. There’s no planning, no set-up.”

Miller’s video assignments can come at any moment. “Angel MedFlight team members will literally come into my office and say, ‘We have a transport, we want you to be on it, it’s in the next two days so get all your equipment ready and get aboard.’ We’re not stopping to set anything up. I’m shooting everything as it’s happening,” says Miller.


Screenshot showing the non-linear editing process of “My Real Life Moment” video.

Not only will “My Real Life Moment” tell the real stories of real patients, viewers will also see the Bedside-to-Bedside® service our dedicated critical care flight nurses and paramedics deliver to our patients and their families.

Miller says the videos will help people outside of the air ambulance industry become aware of the service Angel MedFlight provides. “There are people who may not have a current need for Angel MedFlight’s services but if they do need us someday, they may say, ‘Hey, I saw “My Real Life Moment” and now I know where to go if I ever need that,” says Miller.

Angel MedFlight will soon release a movie-style trailer which  will give viewers a brief taste of what they’ll see in “My Real Life Moment” videos. The videos will be released starting this summer on YouTube and on the Angel MedFlight website. Keep an eye on the Angel MedFlight Facebook and Twitter pages for exact release dates.

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