Can Touch This!

touchscreen kiosk

Screenshot from the Angel MedFlight touchscreen

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Always innovative, Angel MedFlight will be debuting a new piece of equipment at the upcoming Case Management Society of America national conference in New Orleans. Angel MedFlight’s Chief Creative Officer Barry Keyles tells us more about it.

Keyles: We will be introducing a touchscreen kiosk to our booth at CMSA. It’s a touchscreen kiosk that has information on the company, all our recent videos including patient stories. It’s  also going to have a fun thing where case managers can take their picture and be part of our flight crew. We have a cutout of our flight crew and you can hit a button on the touchscreen and then you walk behind the cutout of the flight crew and it will take your picture. You can then email it to people.

Angel MedFlight: Why have a touchscreen?

Keyles: We wanted to make something interactive, something that people can make their own decisions with. We’ve had in the past just videos up on the monitor, slide shows and photo shows. But now we wanted to give what the people wanted — let them decide what they want to see. You’ll be able to see our latest patient stories if you want, you can read our latest brochure and flip through the information at your own pace.

Angel MedFlight: What all went in to building the touchscreen?

Keyles: The touchscreen is a 42″ monitor and then we had to build and attach a microcomputer to run the software. The kiosk is custom-built software designed and  programmed by me. The movies are done by our videographer and the brochure is an electronic brochure that we’ve done in an interactive magazine style format. You will be able to actually flip the pages. It’s such a large touchscreen you can manipulate the pages with your fingers and flip them over.

Angel MedFlight: How does a touchscreen work?

Keyles: This one is an optical touchscreen. What it does is it has sensors in the side of the frame that actually sense where your fingers are. And it is a multi-touch so you can touch in different areas and it senses more than one or two touches. It’s very similar to your smartphone in that you can pinch and zoom. It’s pretty much interactive and it acts like a mouse but it’s your hand using it.

Angel MedFlight: Looking more into the future of touchscreens, what are some added features you are looking to add on down the road?

Keyles: One of the features we definitely want to add is a way to record video of the case managers themselves. We want them to tell their stories to us so we can either show them either on our website or blog when we get back.


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