More Jets, More Pilots: Angel MedFlight’s Growth*

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Jet

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Jet

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

It is a busy time around the office of Angel MedFlight as our operations are expanding. Well-established as a leading worldwide air ambulance service, Angel MedFlight is branching out and looking to serve more charter passengers through our Part 135 air carrier certificate holder Aviation West Charters.

Angel MedFlight is a dba company of Aviation West Charters and owns, operates and meticulously maintains a fleet of medically configured jets. By having our own air charter certificate, we control the quality of the jets we operate. It means we choose the advanced avionics and safety features that exceed FAA standards.

Learjet60 medically configured for Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance

Learjet60 medically configured for Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance

The fleet size has quadrupled and so has our roster of pilots. Flight Operations Director Brandon Kearns says in preparation for the launch of our Citation X,  the company has upgraded its training program. “We’ve formed a new alliance with a new training center out of Dallas that will be able to appropriately accommodate our training and checking needs.” Kearns says the Dallas training center, “can accommodate our increase in growth and the increase in the amount of training and checking events we have every year to ensure that we have the safest flight crews in the industry.”

Kearns says Aviation West Charters is ramping up its operations and “aggressively pursuing passenger charter opportunities as this is another area of the company we’re seeing growth in.”

The Angel MedFlight air ambulances transport passengers on a daily basis to hospitals in such locations as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago — and sometimes as far off as Peru, Turkey and Norway. Now with an expanded fleet, our Aviation West Charters can fly passengers to a business trip in New York or a week-long vacation in Tuscany.

Learjet60 air ambulance interior

Learjet60 air ambulance interior

Quadrupling  the fleet size also means more patients will be able to experience Angel MedFlight’s unparalleled care. We recently opened an office in Honolulu, Hawaii which will facilitate inter-island medical flights. Patients needing medical flights from the islands to the mainland will be able to utilize the longer-range Citation X air ambulance.

Whether it’s a medical flight or charter service, our jets are luxurious.  The cabins feature plush leather seats, wood veneers and many passenger amenities. All of our jets will soon have Wi-Fi connectivity and passengers using the provided iPads on board will be able to watch movies, play games and surf the internet.

These are exciting times Angel MedFlight and Aviation West Charters . Our wingspan has grown and we are ready to serve more patients and charter passengers.

*Angel MedFlight currently utilizes the services of sole and exclusive FAA F.A.R. Part 135 vendors, such as AeroJet Services, LLC (License Number: J7EA116I).

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