Angel MedFlight Holds Productive Job Fair


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

The conference room is back to its usual configuration, the literature has been put away and we’ve already added a new employee.  Angel MedFlight recently held its first job fair for open flight coordinator positions and while the first fair was a success, the leading worldwide air ambulance company is looking to make the next fair even more productive.

Rebecca Van Pelt, RN is Angel MedFlight’s Chief Administrative Officer and organized the job fair held earlier this month at our Scottsdale, Ariz., offices.  Van Pelt says 360 candidates were invited. “We have a great database of applicants who have applied in the past for positions, so I sourced that information for the email addresses and our business development team helped create the invitation.”

There are numerous benefits to holding a job fair. Number one, Angel MedFlight was looking to hire for multiple positions at a time and the process can be very time consuming. Van Pelt says, “if we condensed it into a specific period of time, we could accomplish it with less time expenditure.”

The candidates who attended our first job fair were able to tour our facilities, meet with flight coordinator department heads and other team members in our conference room and enjoy some refreshments. Van Pelt says there was also a separate area set up to conduct on-site interviews. Candidates who attend our job fairs learn about our company in general, learn the company history and also the future of our company. “To see where they would be working is really helpful for candidates to truly know and understand what they’re signing up for if they come on board with us.”

Van Pelt speaks more about the importance of face-to-face interaction at an Angel MedFlight job fair. “People have remarked before how passionate we are as employees and how we come across in an interview. Candidates get motivated and jazzed by hearing us talk about the company and what we do, where  we’ve been and where we’re heading. It definitely comes across on our website, but to get it in person from multiple sources in person ends up being really powerful.”

A flight coordinator at Angel MedFlight is that compassionate, reassuring voice on the other end of the phone who coordinates all of the necessary air and ground transportation necessary for a medical flight. Our team handles every detail to ensure the patient’s air medical transfer is as comfortable as possible. Flight coordinators speak directly with the patient’s family members, answering questions and addressing all concerns.

Van Pelt says candidates for flight coordinator should be registered nurses and be able to “compassionately educate our clients over the phone to help them understand the differences between us and our competitors. That’s a huge selling point in that there’s nobody else like us and the services we can provide. So many of the callers have never heard of the service before, they don’t know what questions to ask, so it’s on us to educate them.”

Candidates for flight coordination should also be able to work flexible hours. “We love to have flexible candidates that understand the scheduling needs of a 24/7 operation and that everything is not going to be Monday through Friday in a perfect little 9 to 5. Flexibility and understanding our scheduling needs is really important,” says Van Pelt.

Van Pelt says the job fair was definitely a positive experience and she would love to do it again. Looking forward to the future success of our job fairs, she says the plan is to expand the pool of invitees  by posting it on some job boards, promoting it more and getting it out to a wider audience.

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