Jessica Lucero’s Real Life Moment

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Little Leila Maxine Lucero went home with the rest of her brothers and sisters on the Angel MedFlight air ambulance transport to Watertown, N.Y. Leila, her mother will tell you, was the fighter of the Lucero quintuplets who were born prematurely last December. A day before Jessica Lucero gave birth to her four surviving quintuplets, Leila Lucero passed away. It was Christmas Day.

Jessica Lucero  and her husband, Army Sgt. Esdras Lucero, whom you meet in the latest episode of Angel MedFlight’s “My Real Life Moment™” patient video series, had grown accustomed to heartbreak. Jessica’s first five pregnancies had ended in miscarriages. She then lost twins Amber and Danielle at birth.

Jessica thought she would never be able to have children, but then came the miracle — Jessica found out she was pregnant with quintuplets. Others told Jessica the babies would not survive the birth and that she was putting her own life in danger. But Jessica traveled to Mesa, Ariz., to give birth under the care of Dr. John P. Elliott, Medical Director at Valley Perinatal and one of the nation’s leading perinatologists.

Watch “My Real Life Moment™ – The Jessica Lucero Story” and hear a real story told by a real patient. Ride with Jessica and watch her describe how she believes the will of little Leila allowed her four brothers and sisters to survive.

The video chronicles a mother’s story tinged with sadness but enveloped in the happiness of her being reunited with her husband, a wounded combat veteran. You’ll be drawn in by Jessica and the medical flight she takes home with four surviving quintuplets — and the ashes of little Leila.

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