Come Inside Angel MedFlight With Instagram


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight’s presence on social media continues to grow as recently we announced that we have joined the community on Instagram, the online photo and video-sharing service. Instagram’s popularity is booming and our business development team thinks it’s a great way to give you a look at our company through snapshots and mini-videos.

Instagram burst onto the social media scene in October of 2010, and by April of last year had over 100 million users. It’s an app distributed through the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you have the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or an Android phone that runs the Froyo 2.2 mobile operating system, you’re able to snap away and share with Instagram.

Much of Instagram’s popularity is based on the abundance of filters that can be used to give photos a more professional or even retro look. These filters can enrich the photos with more color and contrast or even change the mood of it. Want the photo to have a 1970’s Kodak Instamatic look to it? There’s a filter called 1977 that pours some purple and orange hues into the photo (for those of us who remember shooting with Instamatic 110 film back in the day).

Angel MedFlight’s Instagram album (angel_medflight) will be wide-ranging. We plan to give you a lot of office shots that show off the friendly faces of our employees. With Instagram, you’ll travel with us to trade shows and see the fun we have  connecting with case managers and other members of the health care industry.

We are based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert so we’ll also show off the beautiful mountains and landscapes we see in the area. Angel MedFlight’s offices are at the Scottsdale AirCenter which is framed by the majestic McDowell Mountains.

And we can’t forget the airplanes. As the photo library grows, we’ll include more and more photos of our Learjets and the Citation X — both on the ground and in the air. We’ve found that our fans on social media enjoy photos  and video of the sleek Angel MedFlight air ambulances.  Our flight crews will also snap photos from the air, offering their perspectives from 41,000 feet.

Angel MedFlight has some very dedicated employees and we work in a fun environment. You’re bound to see a few of us mugging for photos at office birthday parties along with candid shots of staffers in their offices. You’ll also see a few of our of four-legged friends including  our CIO (Canine Information Officer) Sam and his mates Buddy, Baby and Katie.

It’s an inside (and sometimes whimsical) look at Angel MedFlight through the lens of Instagram. 

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