New Poster’s Message: Call Us First


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

American businessman Robert Half once said, “Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.”  Acting on good ideas is par for the course at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. Case in point — a break room poster which is being distributed to case managers all over the nation.

The idea for the break room poster came from a recent American Case Management Association regional conference in Orlando. While there, Angel MedFlight’s Director of Community Relations, Jackie Martinez, spoke to a director of case management who told Martinez of her idea for an Angel MedFlight poster for case manager break rooms.

“That’s the hangout for a lot of the case managers.  Many won’t leave for lunch, a lot of them have crazy schedules, they’ll hang out in the break room. The director of case management said if they’re constantly reminded about Angel MedFlight when it comes to calling an air ambulance provider, they’re going to call us first if they see us first,” says Martinez.

This poster is being targeted toward transportation coordinator case managers and emergency room (ER) case managers. They may be working with someone who’s visiting a car accident victim or someone who has suffered a heart attack. Martinez says, “If they’re handling logistics or transportation we want those case managers to think Angel MedFlight first when it’s time to transport a patient.”

The poster will highlight our “Call Us First” campaign and will also be distributed at case management conferences.

Chief Creative Officer Barry Keyles says the poster’s design includes members of our medical flight crew dressed in their familiar red and black flight suits with one of our air ambulance jets in the background. “The design is meant to stress our medical team being a part of their team. It’s all about the medical care that we provide,” says Keyles. “We want to bring the medical team front and center in this and portray them as ready for action because they are out with the planes. We are a company where our base of operations is wherever we land and our crew is ready right there for the next call that comes in.”

About 4,000 posters are being distributed to case managers nationwide. Keyles says creating the poster began with what we call our “campaign colors” which are our reds and our grays. “We have a kind of brand language that we’ve come up with over the years” and that includes a curved swoosh in all our materials. “It’s very fluid and very dynamic.”

“We also like to make our posters very personal so we use high definition photos of our crew and our aircraft to really portray that as a premium brand we are the top level in terms of our patient care, equipment and aircraft.”

Keyles and graphic designer Cooper Bolton created the design elements to ensure a visually impactful layout, graphics and text. This was truly a fun project for the marketing team because it was a case management director’s idea that became a reality. Ultimately, the goal of this poster is to communicate our air ambulance brand and our top-of-the-line patient care to case managers across the nation – in a prominent setting at their office. A great idea acted upon at Angel MedFlight.

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