Strong Social Media Campaign Key to Business Success


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

More and more, social media is becoming one of the best ways for a business to interact with clientele. Of course nothing replaces face-to-face contact or a brief phone conversation, but when it comes to quick daily engagements, the utilization of  social media has become a necessary tool for any successful business.

One business that effectively utilizes many facets of social media is Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance in Scottsdale, Ariz. The company’s top social media outlet is Facebook. Since making its first post to Facebook in February 2009, the company’s  page”likes” have grown to near 16,000.

An effective Facebook campaign for any successful business means knowing your target audience and posting content that is engaging to them. For example, Angel MedFlight owns and maintains a fleet of air ambulance jets, so it often posts photos and trivia about its Learjets and the newest member of its  fleet, the Cessna Citation X.

Facebook allows the leader in worldwide medical transportation to educate people about the brand. If a hospital case manager shares a post from the company’s page, more and more people become aware of the company. The same can be said about patients who have used the service. Nothing helps to promote a company more than comments praising its service. A survey of the Angel MedFlight Facebook page shows  comments like: “First class organization!” and this one from a patient’s family member, “I would like to say thank you to the Angel MedFlight crew that helped save my little brother’s life.”

Nothing gets people’s attention more than video — a necessity for businesses wishing to give customers a window into the services it  provides. Angel MedFlight employs two videographers and has produced several videos and which have received over 600,000 views on its YouTube page. The videos range from the informational — giving viewers a tour of an air ambulance —  to compelling patient stories like the ones featured in the new “My Real Life Moment™” series, which debuted earlier this summer.

Twitter allows a business to get its message across in short 140-word bursts which can reach clients who may not be Facebook users. A tweet can alert followers to a new blog article or share an office photo that helps the public connect to the company in a more personal way. Twitter is also a good way to direct followers to news articles that may be of interest to the business’ customers. Proper use of hashtags is very important on Twitter as they help to categorize the message through certain keywords.

Hashtags are also a key component to posts on Instagram, yet another social media tool used by Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. Instagram is used solely for distributing photos and mini-videos and is best pointed to a much younger demographic than Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is great platform for office photos, photos from flights and images and videos of the company’s fleet of jets.

There are many social media tools available to companies, but Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  and Instagram are the giants when it comes to engaging with customers and increasing brand awareness.

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