Taylor Collins’ Real Life Moment


By Angel MedFlight Contributor

The young voice on the other end of the phone call to Angel MedFlight asks if the air ambulance company can help a fellow student at her school in Gulf Breeze, Fla. The patient is Taylor Collins, a senior at Gulf Breeze High School whose number-one goal is to be able to drive — like most other kids her age – not be sidelined by a debilitating medical condition. Taylor Collins has been having seizures  and needs to be flown by air ambulance over 500 miles to Miami for medical testing.

The Collins family is without insurance and on a fixed income. Somehow they must find a way to get Taylor from Gulf Breeze to Miami. As we find out in the latest episode of Angel MedFlight’s “My Real Life Moment™,” a group of high school students coming together can do some magical things.

Francis Harpole of Gulf Breeze High School’s Student Government Association made the initial call to Angel MedFlight, inquiring about an air medical transport to Miami. One can hear the concern in her voice and the love she has for a fellow student as she speaks with an Angel MedFlight flight coordinator.

“My Real Life Moment™ – The Taylor Collins Story” takes us to a classroom at Gulf Breeze High School. Harpole and the SGA   have some sort of surprise they’ve set up for Taylor. The room is packed with students. Many are standing at the back of the  room in front of a large banner. Even more are seated in chairs. They’ve kept their secret for days. They await Taylor’s arrival.

Blond-haired and possessing a knockout smile, Taylor Collins  can have at any time a complex partial seizure. Her mother Quintina tells us Taylor’s seizures can last anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes. “After her seizures, she is so worn out, ” says Quintina Collins. “She can sleep for hours, sometimes like 4 o’clock in the afternoon until 6 o’clock in the morning.”

There appears to be some hope for Taylor on the horizon. A neurologist recommends an evaluation and surgical consult at Miami Children’s hospital. Taylor’s appointment is set. The problem is how to get her there. In “My Real Life Moment™ – The Taylor Collins Story,” we learn that a group of about 40 students rallying together can do amazing things.

Quintina Collins chokes back tears.

The classroom full of students is hushed.

Their schoolmate, Taylor Collins,  is coming down the hall.

There is a surprise in store for Taylor…


2 comments on “Taylor Collins’ Real Life Moment

  1. Taylor Collins says:

    http://www.gofundme.com/29ovdo- Nothing is to big or small(:

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