Air Ambulance? Click Here for Information


Samples of Angel MedFlight web pages

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

You or someone you know is in need of an air ambulance transport. Years ago the first place to look would have been the yellow pages of the local phone directory. Today, more and more of us go right to an internet search tool and scan web sites of the companies offering the services we’re looking for. That’s why Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance has created and continues to build one of the top web pages in the industry.

Angel MedFlight’s website is the product of a team of collaborators led by Chief Creative Officer Barry Keyles. Keyles enlists other members of the Business Development  team from this air ambulance company to produce content for the site and to keep it fresh with cutting edge graphics and running smoothly. A graphics designer helps with logos and web banners, our web designer writes code and keeps the photos changing and videos playing; and the copywriter manages much of the text on the site.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is based in Scottsdale, Arizona but also has offices in Corvallis, Oregon and Fredericktown, Ohio. The company in known for its innovations in the medical flight industry by streamlining the medical transfer process for its patients.

A visitor to the company’s website sees a dynamic home page with a slider of photos showing off some of the air ambulance company’s jets, pilots and medical flight crew members.  The site is truly multimedia with clickable informative videos placed on the home page and strategically throughout the website’s pages.

This air ambulance company was founded by former flight paramedic Jeremy Freer, who serves as its president and CEO. Freer saw the need for a more streamlined service for medical flights, a service that takes the strain off hospital case managers. When Freer founded the company in 2007 he employed Registered Nurse Case Managers as flight coordinators.  Angel MedFlight offers the One Touch Promise® to its patients, meaning the company promises to handle every aspect of the medical flight, from start to finish.

Information about the company’s history and executive team can be found as a user navigates the top tabs of the website. Each tab has a drop-down menu offering links to more content about the company such as Services, Aircraft, Training & Accreditation.

Attractive and easy to use buttons take visitors to testimonials and an FAQ page about medical flights. There are also tabs for the company’s blog site, which is chock full of articles about the company, its aircraft, employees and air ambulance service.

The website offers clear navigation and is complete with social media integration with buttons to its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Need contact information? It’s readily available on one of the main tabs across the top of the page.

If you’re looking for information on the leading worldwide air ambulance provider, it’s readily available on its dynamic and easy-to-navigate website.

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