Coming Together for a Cause


Angel MedFlight employees wearing yellow for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

There’s was a lot of yellow and gold around the Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance offices this week. Employees were sporting shirts of various shades of canary, old gold and maize; all in recognition of  September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It’s another example of how Angel MedFlight unites for a cause.

Wednesday is usually Spirit Day at our office where the dress code is relaxed and we are allowed to wear jeans as long as we wear a shirt with the company logo. Any visitor to our online apparel store will see that we have many great options to choose from. But earlier this week, the memo came down from the HR department that in support of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and their “Go Gold” campaign, employees were asked to wear something yellow or gold.

The participation was great. Just before lunch, I shot an inter-office message to our receptionist asking how the turnout was on her side of the building. She responded, “I see so much yellow! It’s going to be a great group picture.” I thanked her for being my on-the-scene correspondent.

Gold is the official color of the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month campaign but various shades of yellow get the same message across. Seems people, at least those of us here,  have more yellow items of  clothing than gold. Throughout history, sports teams have had gold listed in their official colors but their uniforms were more yellow than gold (see San Diego Chargers).


Angel MedFlight teaming up with Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale for a fundraiser for the Yarnell firefighters

Coming together for a cause also means volunteering time. We’ve seen that a number of times this year with Angel MedFlight employees. Days after the Yarnell fire that killed 19 Hotshot firefighters, several members of our team helped with a fundraiser hosted by Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale. There on a hot July Saturday, many of us stood urging people to enter a raffle with all proceeds going directly to the 100 Club of Arizona Survivor’s Fund.

A few months earlier, Angel MedFlight employees took part in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” in Anthem, Ariz. It was an overnight community fundraising walk and members of our team were  there walking in shifts from sundown to sunrise. Angel MedFlight was a Gold member sponsor of the event.


Angel MedFlight at the annual AZBAA Golf Benefit

When it was time to pick up the golf clubs, the worldwide leader in medical flights had two teams competing this spring in the Arizona Business Aviation Association’s Annual Golf Benefit. While we didn’t always hit the tiny white ball straight — employees from Angel MedFlight were there participating.

It may be something as simple as wearing a certain colored shirt — or volunteering time on a weekend. Either way, they are examples of teamwork and esprit de corps that make Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance a special company made up of very special people.

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