Quality Management at Angel MedFlight


Director of Quality Management, Allison Rose

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance has a standard of excellence in patient care that our employees strive to maintain with each medical flight. But Angel MedFlight is constantly looking to raise the bar.  Successful businesses pay close attention to quality management. They constantly look at the processes and ways to improve on them. That responsibility at Angel MedFlight rests on the shoulders of Director of Quality Management, Allison Rose.

Rose is a Registered Nurse who got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Arizona State and then later, her master’s degree in Health Sector Management. “This company is focused on process improvement,” says Rose. “That’s how we’ve had a cutting edge in this industry. We are always striving for improvement. We are always looking for the next change that we can make to provide better patient care and to provide more success for our employees. So it is inherent in this organization that we are quality-driven and focused on process improvement.”

Rose came to Angel MedFlight after working as an emergency room and trauma nurse. Feeling she had reached “a glass ceiling” in nursing, she got her master’s writing her thesis on health policy in regards to process improvement.  Rose says she worked several process improvement jobs before coming to Angel MedFlight as a flight coordinator. “Given my background and my experience in flight coordination, it was easy for me to take over the director of quality management role,” says Rose.

Rose says she would not have been able to transition into her role as quality management director had she not first worked as a flight coordinator. “After having been in flight coordination, I understand the meat of this company, how we thrive, how we survive, why we have a competitive edge in the market.”

Rose looks at the reports of each patient transport and makes sure they meet our impeccable standards. If there is a better way to enter medical records, Rose examines and implements  ways to make that happen. Recently, our medical flight crews were given iPads that can transmit medical records via a cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Medical crew members now use an app that was developed in-house to enter and transmit a patient’s medical records more efficiently.

But Rose looks at process management in other areas of the company as well. “The whole idea of quality management is that it’s not just focused on the clinical care aspect. It is a part of it, which is why I have to be a nurse because I do evaluate patient care standards.”

It takes teamwork to reach the high standards of Angel MedFlight’s patient care. Rose says it’s important to “make sure that other people know in the organization what goals we’re working for and how we can collaborate together as one organization. We are all Angel MedFlight so let’s all know what we are working on so that we can set each department up for success to help the whole company.”

To sum up quality management at the leading air ambulance provider, Rose says, “We already know we have a quality product, that we have an edge in this market. We know we are the best, so it’s about creating ways to make sure that we deliver that unparalleled service every single time.”

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