Making Special Connections in New England


Jackie Martinez and Matthew Butler show off the “Call Us First” poster at the CMSNE annual conference in Worcester, Mass.

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Social media is a great way to connect with people. Picking up the phone and having a conversation is even better. But nothing beats meeting face-to-face, especially in the business world. Last week Angel MedFlight was on the road just for this purpose, meeting with case managers and hospital representatives. We were amidst the beautiful fall foliage in Massachusetts for the Case Management Society of New England’s annual conference — and we made some really strong connections.

The CMSNE’s 24th Annual Conference was in Worcester and for two days Community Relations Director, Jackie Martinez and Flight Paramedic Matthew Butler greeted case managers and directors of case management at the Angel MedFlight booth. Many were familiar with our air ambulance company and its unparalleled patient care. And for those that were not, we happily engaged them in conversation, telling them all about our One Touch Promise® and Bedside-to-Bedside® service.

“Folks that we’ve met with in the past and have used our services will use us again. And folks that haven’t heard of us, they have now and if it ever comes up, they won’t be scrambling to look for someone. They’ll know to call Angel MedFlight. They’ll know that we’re on their team and that we have the same focus in mind to provide expert patient care,” says Martinez.

At the CMSNE’s annual conference, we were thrilled to have included in our marketing materials our new “Call Us First” poster which we are distributing to case managers to display in their hospital break rooms.

What made giving out the new poster even more exciting was the idea of the poster was originally suggested to us by a case manager at an ACMA regional conference this summer in Orlando. The idea became reality and was a huge hit at the CMSNE conference last week. Some case managers liked it so much, the wanted our Angel MedFlight representatives to autograph it.

Martinez also used the trip east to meet with representatives from a number of Boston area hospitals. She says it was wonderful to hear that most of the hospitals were well aware of our services and were very appreciative that we went the extra mile to reach out to them and tell them more about the type of patient care we provide on medical flights. “I went to  learn about their facility and see how we can step in. It really shows that we are going the extra mile to understand our case managers, our patients, their families. I definitely think that they do appreciate that,” says Martinez.

What more and more case managers are discovering is Angel MedFlight has its own in-house staff of experts in case management and insurance law, so we are able to streamline the medical transportation process for the case managers. At Angel MedFlight, we are happy to go out on the road and deliver our message in a personable way, having meaningful conversations with case managers and listening to suggestions that can only make this air ambulance service better.

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