Cooler Weather Means Cozy New Apparel Is Coming


Marketing manager Rebekah Kanigan

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Pages of catalogs are being flipped through, surveys are being taken, orders are being filled. It’s a busy time in our marketing office as we get ready to add to the Angel MedFlight apparel line. Fall foliage is out in the eastern United States, there’s a morning chill in the west and snowy peaks in other parts of the nation. Winter is just around the corner and our marketing  team is working hard to fill the demand for cold weather apparel.

Having a wide selection of company apparel is especially important at Angel MedFlight where twice a week employees are given the chance to dress casually for the office. Many companies offer “casual Friday,” but at Angel MedFlight we are given the option to wear jeans and tennis shoes on “Spirit Wednesday” as long as we don a shirt, sweater, blouse, etc. that features a company logo. Because the marketing team has come up with some great new designs, employees often stop by to purchase polo shirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved tees and more.

With fall weather upon us, long-sleeved tees have become very popular. Angel MedFlight has both crew and v-neck  versions in charcoal and gray, both featuring our standard logo and “Angel MedFlight” down the right arm.

Marketing manager Rebekah Kanigan has been busy getting feedback on apparel selections not only from employees but also from the public. She hears often from people who love Angel MedFlight and how we offer exceptional worldwide  air ambulance service. They identify with our company and wish to support the Angel MedFlight team by wearing the team colors.  “Feedback is a big part of the process because our employees are a diverse group, as is the public obviously, and we want to find not only modern, up-to-date styles but we want people to wear what they like. So input is very important and valid. We got input that we expected (hoodies) but we also got a few surprises — things we may not have come up with without asking.”

Kanigan says our apparel should reflect the mission of Angel MedFlight as a leading provider in air ambulance service. “Angel MedFlight to me represents innovation, high quality and  excellence  —  so that’s something that’s really important to convey in every aspect of marketing including our apparel. That’s a big consideration when choosing what we want to put people in. We want people in modern, well-made apparel because they are representing an innovative, cutting-edge, high-quality company.”

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