Uncorked: Angel MedFlight’s “Sam” on Chardonnay Label for Great Cause


Angel MedFlight’s Sam Freer is proudly displayed on Desert Lab Cellars’ Happy Hound Chardonnay label

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

There is big news coming from the office of Sampson “Sam” Freer, Angel MedFlight’s Canine Information Officer. Sam happily roams the AMF office in Scottsdale and often greets employees with a pawshake. He brings a lot of smiles to AMF employees and has a loyal following on Twitter (@CanineSam). But now, our beloved CIO has become even more of star. We’re happy to announce Sam is being featured on a  wine label! Luckily, we were able to collar Sam and have him sit down with us to get more information on this exciting news.

AMF: Thanks for inviting us again into your cozy office Sam. I understand you have some big news to announce.

Sam: Great to have you again. I apologize for the place being a little untidy. I got a hold of another toy and kind of..well, took it apart. But anyway, let’s get right to the news. I am proud to announce that my image is being used on the Desert Lab Cellars’ Happy Hound Chardonnay. I just happen to have a bottle of it here. Here, take a look.

AMF: Sam, this is truly celebrity status. It makes me think of the wines produced by Francis Ford Coppola, Madonna, Tom Seaver and other stars.

Sam: Well, I won’t debate you on the celebrity part but what makes me so proud is sales of the Happy Hound Chardonnay and other wines produced by Desert Lab Cellars benefit the Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue. DLRR is where my owner Jeremy Freer adopted me from in 2008. They are a tremendous organization.

AMF: Can you tell loyal readers of this air ambulance blog  more about DLRR?

Sam: Well, I bet you didn’t know that since 2000, Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue has rescued close to 2,600 Labrador Retrievers. DLRR is a no kill shelter. The great people at DLRR rescue dogs from Arizona county dog pounds or ones that are surrendered to DLRR by their owners. These folks provide medical care for sick or injured dogs.

This type of care and shelter for dogs like me is very costly. According to DLRR, they incurred over $165,000 in veterinary care expenses in 2011 alone. Approximately 97% of the funds they receive are used to address the medical needs of my Lab friends over there. So any help they get is very appreciated. Humans who pick up one of those bottles of wine are helping out DLRR and in turn, saving the lives of my fellow Lab buddies.

AMF: DLRR sounds like a very special organization. What is the special event they are holding this weekend?

Sam: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue is holding its 5th Annual Corks & Collars Wine Tasting and Silent Auction which benefits DLRR. It’s being held at the Armitage Bistro in Scottsdale on Market Street at DC Ranch. Dogs, have your owners walk and play with you early in the day as this event runs from 3pm until 6pm. Tickets are only $35. DLRR wants you humans to know all proceeds from the afternoon will be used for rehoming, medical care and rehabilitation of rescued Labs like me. While there, I hope you taste the Happy Hound Chardonnay and maybe pick up a case or two.

AMF: Truly a great event for an even greater cause. Michele Hanigsberg from Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue has also joined us in Sam’s office. Michele, what can you tell about the event in Scottsdale?

Hanigsberg:  For the past 3 years we’ve been hosted by Armitage Bistro.  This year we expect close to 300 people attending. The event is outdoors and features wine tasting, beer,  appetizers and live music by Jay Allen. We also have a terrific silent auction and raffle.  The silent auction has something for everyone — dog lovers, wine aficionados, sports fans, great restaurant gift certificates, spas, concerts, trips and our ever popular Fat Tire bicycle.  We will also be promoting our Benefit Wines, where Sam’s label will be featured.

Sam: If I might add, there’s plenty of information about Saturday’s event on the Corks & Collars website.

AMF:  Sam, we truly enjoyed another opportunity to speak with you and Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is thrilled with your newfound celebrity status as well as your philanthropic heart.  What’s next on your busy schedule?

Sam:  I have an appointment with another company. There’s talk they want to use me in a “Most Interesting Dog” ad.


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