Our Mission – To Bring You Exceptional Care


Angel MedFlight employees are passionate about delivering exceptional service, integrity & operational excellence. These core principles are the foundation of our ongoing mission. We believe every patient in need of an air ambulance deserves to receive the highest level of seamless care, which is what we promise to provide, on every flight.

Part of our outreach efforts to patients and national communities is to ensure that you know how to reach us and how we differentiate our air ambulance service. One of the most effective ways we accomplish this is to meet, educate and build relationships with the people who are directly responsible for arranging air ambulance services: case managers. In most instances, it is the case managers who manage the transition of care for air ambulance transport, and when they experience our One Touch Promise®, they comment they will call us first every time.

Planning face-to-face time with case managers is a priority. This past week we were excited to attend the 2013 ACMA Leadership Conference held in Las Vegas. This conference was especially helpful to us because it allowed us to meet with and educate directors of case management. This allows us to expand our reach even further by essentially educating entire case management departments. Personally engaging with industry leaders and case managers allows us the opportunity to develop long-term partnerships by demonstrating that we exceed expectations.

In addition to meeting and educating new faces, spending time at events and conferences gives us the opportunity to reconnect with existing partners and to receive feedback. This week, we received high marks from MD Anderson Cancer Centers in regards to the level of care and service we provide. It is rewarding to share that kind of feedback with the whole Angel MedFlight Team to reinforce that delivering excellence in our work makes a difference for our patients and our medical partners.

As we wrap up and evaluate our presence at the ACMA Leadership conference, we are also analyzing and planning for next year. Just as important as building new relationships, is taking the time to show appreciation to those that continue to place their trust in our service and our expert team. We have the opportunity to do this at industry events but also by follow-up conversations with our medical partners, patients and supporters in the field. Our relationships are truly important to us and we thank you for choosing Angel MedFlight to be your provider!

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