Let Us Be A Part of Your Holiday Homecoming


Since our inception in 2007 Angel MedFlight has looked for ways to not only make a difference to our patients and their families, but also for the families within our communities. A key cornerstone of our business mission is to “give back.” We believe in the power of compassionate outreach to change lives.

To continue our mission, this year, we are offering a donated flight to reunite families with their loved ones. The campaign, “Holiday Homecoming on the Wings of Angel MedFlight” will run November 14 – December 1 and is open to anyone and everyone.

What’s the goal of the campaign? It’s simple – create some much-needed magic for a family in need. Our holiday mantra this year is: family + reunion + good cheer = holiday magic!  The campaign is really very simple — we are asking for essay submissions on why we should fly a loved one home on a private jet. It’s not Santa’s sleigh, but we will fly the winner home through the wintery night sky with contagious holiday spirit and a perfect safety record!

“The holidays are all about family and reconnecting,” said Jeremy T. Freer, President  & CEO of Angel MedFlight. “So whether it is finances, illness or distance that keeps them separated – we want to bring them together for a very special holiday surprise when circumstances aim to keep them apart.”

Perhaps you want to nominate a father working abroad or in another state to support the family? The grandparent or child who cannot fly commercially due to a severe illness? The great aunt on a strict budget who just can’t swing the cost of airfare? The niece born in another country whom you haven’t yet met… or maybe the sister you haven’t seen in 20 years because of a falling out. We want any and all stories – no story is too small and no act of love too big. The nominee does not have to be ill to qualify for submission, but should the recipient need medical accommodations, Angel MedFlight’s jets are medically-configured to support this type of transport.

Campaign submissions will be accepted November 14 through December 1, 2013 on our dedicated campaign website:  www.amfholidayhomecoming.com. The top five finalists will be featured on the website from approximately December 9 – December 20 and the public will be asked to choose the winner by vote. The winner will be announced on December 22, 2013.

As a keepsake, the reunion between the winner and their family will be professionally captured by our Emmy-winning video team and featured in the popular web-series My Real Life Moment™. At Angel MedFlight we know how important family is to our patients.  That is why we are so excited to be a part of connecting families together.

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