Meet Britney Keller, Front Desk Reception

Here at Angel MedFlight, we pride ourselves on hiring a family of dedicated, insightful and professional employees. Those that work with us have a passion for their field of expertise as well as helping others, and are all-around amazing individuals. If we sound like we’re boasting, well, I guess we are a little biased about the extraordinary team of people who are angels in the sky and angels on the ground – helping make our patients’ medical flights the most compassionate, safe and seamless experience it can be.

One of our newest additions to the team, Britney Keller, is no exception. Britney was recently hired to help manage the front desk – to be a first voice and face to the clients who visit our corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and to the patients who use our air medical transport services.

We sat down to chat with Britney and here is what we learned.

Britney Keller

Britney Keller

Tell us a little bit about yourself Britney.

I was born and raised in Arizona, and am lucky enough to have most of my family members in the state, as well. I graduate this month with an English Literature degree from Arizona State University (ASU), and then will move on to obtain a Master’s from Northern Arizona University beginning in January 2014.

At ASU, I am the President of the Prison Education Awareness Club, which I have been involved with since 2011. Because I am so passionate about it, I tend to spend a lot of time on projects and events for the organization. When I have extra down time, I am probably either on the tennis court or reading some of my favorite books. I also spend a lot of time with my two dogs, a golden retriever and a black lab/pit bull mix.

Tell us about your role here at Angel MedFlight.

As the front desk receptionist, my primary duty is to answer calls and ensure they get to the appropriate person. I also perform various other office tasks, but tending to the caller is my main responsibility. We never want to miss a call and it’s very important to know the departments inside and out to help answer questions that come my way. It is endlessly interesting to have the opportunity to speak with such a plethora of different personalities from all walks of life.

What do you love most about your new role?

I think the thing I most love about my position here at Angel MedFlight is that there are so many people to get to know and work with. There is truly never a dull moment, and always something to learn.

What is your career aspiration moving forward?

I like exploring ways to use language in ways that makes writing more interesting, so I ultimately want to do something that allows me to do so. Whether that be as an editor, publisher, technical writer or novelist, I’m not quite sure yet, but as long as I am able to write, I have faith that I will be one happy camper.

Best advice for someone trying to start their career as a recent college graduate?

It is certainly intimidating to close such a huge chapter of your life and begin an even bigger one after graduating college. I think the key to ensuring a smooth transition is to surround yourself with positivity. We can only go up from here!

With the holidays coming up – what are some of your favorite family traditions?

Every Christmas my brother and I get a new ornament, so we have built up quite a collection. My family makes a night out of decorating our tree, and it is an event that I hold very dear because it allows us to spend some quality time together. My father also makes an amazing hot chocolate from scratch, so, while I do enjoy decorating our tree, I have to say that the hot chocolate wins as my favorite holiday tradition!

We love that you keep everything positive, Britney! Thank you for sharing those professional and personal insights with us. We are so glad to have you as part of the Angel MedFlight family! (And now we know what to get you for the holiday exchange!)

2 comments on “Meet Britney Keller, Front Desk Reception

  1. George Kasica says:

    Very interesting to learn about everyone at Angel MedIght!

    Happy Holidays to you Britney and everyone there in sunny, warm Arizona from up here in cold, snowy Jackson, Wisconsin.

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