Meet Another Angel, Kim Schoaf, Nurse Clinical Liaison

Kim Schoaf, Nurse Clinical Liaison

Kim Schoaf, Nurse Clinical Liaison

At Angel MedFlight, we are dedicated to exceeding our patients’ expectations and fulfilling our promises. To get there, we need great people. And as you have read in previous posts, great people we have!

Meet Kim Schoaf, our newest Nurse Clinical Liaison. Kim comes to us following an eight-year career as a Labor & Delivery nurse, in which she touched the newest lives with the greatest care.

The story of how Kim became an L&D nurse starts with her first pregnancy; it was a career choice she never envisioned. She was in college to become an elementary school teacher when something went terribly wrong. “I was surrounded by terrible nurses,” she exclaimed. “I had the worst care you can imagine. I swore then and there that I was going to become the best L&D nurse ever.” And echoing values Angel MedFlight holds dear Kim adds, “I knew that I was capable of providing the quality care, timely attention to needs, and emotional support that patients deserve.”

In her new role at Angel MedFlight, that passion and commitment go a long way in helping patients and families. Kim, as a liaison, spends her day examining medical records, doing research, and using her expansive medical knowledge and experience to communicate with medical staff and families worldwide, all in an effort to ensure a safe and successful transport for each and every patient we fly.

Within every company you will find committed people affecting charm, intrigue, and humor. And there is Kim, greeting everyone she meets with a smile and genuine conversation. And when you hear laughter in the hallway, Kim’s humor is often behind it. In self-deprecating fun, Kim mocks, “After being told I was going to be profiled, I went home and asked my family what redeeming qualities I had. Silence filled the room…for far too long.”

In all sincerity, she says, “You should know that I absolutely love my family. We love to play. There is constant laughter in our house,” she chuckles. “Even cleaning the house, we are singing and dancing.” When not at work, Kim’s life revolves around being a wife, a mother of three, and a doting daughter (her father, by the way, is the mayor of Litchfield Park, Arizona).

When asked about the approaching holidays, Kim asserts, “Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.” From decorating to viewing the neighborhood lights, watching her father light the city tree, shopping for the perfect gifts, and eating her mother’s prime rib and au gratin potatoes, the holiday season is truly a time of joy for her. And she boasts with full voice, “Every year, I make the best sugar cookies anywhere. The entire process is strictly managed. You won’t find a better sugar cookie.” Kim’s colleagues at Angel MedFlight decided she must prove that intrepid claim.

In 2014, Kim looks forward to finishing the renovations on her house as well as completing the children’s book she is writing with artistic assistance from her oldest daughter. Professionally, she is excited to see what her new role here at Angel MedFlight brings and what she can contribute to the company and our patients.

We’re excited to have you here, Kim. Welcome to the team!

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