Meet Jennifer Ball, RN Flight Coordinator, Actress, Humanitarian


It takes a committed group of individuals to help a company soar to success, and Angel MedFlight is no exception. With such a dynamic group of people working all aspects of the many medical flights that are performed each day, there is not one person that does not have a unique and inspiring story to tell. Among the numerous departments that make up Angel MedFlight, the Flight Coordination center is home to team members, like Jennifer, who are involved in the entire process of planning a medical flight. Although having taken a brief hiatus from the company, her considerable impact on the world never ceased, as she recently returned to Angel MedFlight after taking her medical background out into the world…

Jennifer resumed her position at Angel MedFlight after embarking on a journey that took her to new places to achieve amazing experiences of a personal nature, “I just returned from a mission trip in Cambodia where I worked with children in slum communities as well as women and children involved in sex trafficking.  I was able to utilize my nursing skills, especially in the slum communities, where children often were in need of basic first aid due to cuts and infections they had sustained.  I was also able to provide health education to the women in these communities.”

Even in her spare time, Jennifer finds ways to be extraordinary. Holding the title of RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is simply not enough for this employee, so she tackled the theatrical world too, “I am an actress and have been involved in local productions and films across the valley.”  In addition to this, she is a member of a program at Arizona Actors Academy in Phoenix, Ariz., which she participates in year-round. Also quite the athlete, Jennifer shares with us that she enjoys hiking, swimming, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and, perfect for this time of year, snowboarding.

Through utilizing her talents to help others, Jennifer makes sure that she is leaving a trail of excellence wherever she goes. We are lucky to have her here at Angel MedFlight and have the opportunity to gain inspiration from her each day.  Welcome back Jennifer!

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