Angel MedFlight Employee Alan Heft Wins Fiesta Bowl Tickets and Shares His Experience!


Two Tickets to Paradise

It’s 2014 and oddly to me it sounds so much better than 2013. It may just be easier to say, or, better, portend great days to come. When you work for Angel MedFlight, why would you expect anything else? From the great personalities that greet you daily to the compassion that fills the building and our in-house dogs that want you to share, to the potential for advancement and the free flow of ideas, working at Angel MedFlight certainly has its perquisites.

When I learned that I was the fortunate recipient of yet another perk—two tickets to the Fiesta Bowl (selected via a drawing), I was both thrilled and anxious. What in the world would we do with our 7- and 3-year-old girls? And, there, began a new phase of our lives.

The night, it turns out, was replete with new adventures for my wife and me: our first babysitter and a night free from the girls; freeways with hardly a car; a parking pass you needed a small loan to pay; an energized stadium full, not of a homogeneous fan base, but rather a side for each university, the fans cheering or heckling every movement on the field; $11 beers (which we, thank you, passed on); watching a game whose outcome did not matter; and perhaps best of all, coming home to our girls tucked comfortably in bed.

The game itself was rousing, with big plays, high scores, and the cheer team throwing its members about in front of us. It was a football game. A game built up for the national stage. And it was indeed exciting. But, for us, it was an event far greater than the game itself; it was a night that began with a mix of thrill and worry but suddenly forged new direction in our lives, opening us to the realization that after nearly three years of selfless devotion to our youngest daughter, it was possible once again to have an adult life—granted, only on occasion. So electric was the night that I had to break out with a little poem. It goes something like this:

‘Twas the first day of ‘14,

And all through the house,

The girls with the sitter,

And I with my spouse.

The air rich with festivity,

Delight, and fun games,

The chortling children,

Had the night by the reins.

For the girls, Chutes & Ladders,

X-Box without lull,

For the parents, free tickets,

To the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl!

From your happy friends at Angel MedFlight, Happy New Year to all! May we all find new ways to invigorate our lives.

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