The Importance Of An Advocate When An Emergency Strikes

Julie Flt Coord_01_IMG_1546

Our Flight Coordinators are standing by

Angel MedFlight was saddened to learn the story of a 6 year old Texas girl that became ill while vacationing in the Dominican Republic and later passed away in the U.S.

The little girl, Isabella passed away due to a brain injury after alleged complications from appendicitis surgery performed in a Dominican Republic hospital. The surgery was performed in the Dominican Republic because she was allegedly, initially denied an Air Ambulance flight back to the U.S. by her insurance company. Marissett Tolentino, Isabella’s mother contacted her insurance company when she found out Isabella needed surgery and was denied the flight; even though she was under the assumption that it should be covered by her insurance. Tolentino is currently suing her insurance company for gross negligence.

What we can learn from this terrible tragedy is the importance of having an advocate on your side to deal with the insurance companies in a time of crisis. At Angel MedFlight you have advocates on your side. Our RN / Flight Coordinators work directly with your insurance company to obtain approval, so you can focus on your loved one. Additionally, Angel MedFlight has an in-house legal department that, in difficult cases, can often cut through the red tape of dealing with the insurance company.

In an emergency case like Isabella’s, when time is critical, we would put the patient first and work quickly to transport the patient to the closest, most appropriate facility that could provide the level of care needed. Meanwhile, we would handle the details with the insurance company on the patient’s behalf.

At Angel MedFlight our first priority is the care of the patient. Angel MedFlight’s One Touch Promise ® assures you that every detail is handled by our team, from start to finish so you can focus on what really matters, your patient, your friend, your loved one. Our hearts and prayers go out to Marissett Tolentino and her family.

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