The History Of The Air Ambulance


de Havilland DH9

How would you have liked to be transported by hot air balloon when you were critically injured? Well, according to history that was how the first recorded air ambulance flight was made. In 1870 hot air balloons were used to evacuate wounded soldiers in the Siege of Paris. World War I was when the first actual airplane was used to evacuate a French soldier from the battlefield to a hospital. French records indicate that once airplanes were used to evacuate soldiers the mortality rate of the injured improved dramatically.

The British used a de Havilland DH9 in 1917 to transport wounded in Turkey. The flight took only 45 minutes by air, compared to three days by land. As the idea became more popular, the French and British were the first to organize regular air ambulance flights during the Colonial Wars of 1920. They outfitted an Airco DH 9A as an air ambulance.

During World War II and the Korean War wounded soldiers were air lifted by helicopter, as depicted in the famous TV show MASH. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. trained special medical corpsmen to attend to wounded soldiers in specially outfitted medical helicopters. This idea is what later led to the creation of civilian paramedics and civilian air ambulances. The use of civilian air ambulances were first used in remote, mountainous regions of Scandinavia and by bush pilots in the rugged outback of Australia, where travel by land was to rough and travel by boat took too long.

Today, air ambulances come in a number of varieties depending on the services they need to perform. Angel MedFlight owns, operates and maintains state-of-the-art jets as air ambulances including Learjet 60s and Learjet 35s. Angel MedFlight maintains these jets with an in-house maintenance team to exceed the safety requirements of the FAA. They are outfitted for the upmost comfort and safety of the patients. Because these jets are updated with the most advanced avionics, they can fly patients to their locations faster and at higher altitudes, to avoid weather conditions found at lower altitudes. In addition, the planes are outfitted as an ICU in the sky with the latest medical and monitoring devices. Angel MedFlight can provide domestic and international transports and can offer virtually any kind of medical condition of the patient. In addition, each flight is accompanied by two medical personnel. Air ambulances have come a long way since the use of hot air balloons and Angel MedFlight is the leader in the air ambulance service.

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