New Single Engine Personal Jet Coming Soon

Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet

Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet


February, 24, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


If you’re a pilot looking to transition from flying a single engine piston plane to a light business jet, the Cirrus Vision SF50 might be the plane for you. Cirrus Aircraft starting developing a single engine, very light jet in 2008. After years of development, the Cirrus Vision SF50 prototype is said to begin flying in March of 2014. Cirrus believes that pilots that currently fly the Cirrus SR22, single engine piston plane and wish to transition into a light jet should be able to do so with relative ease.


The $1.96 million Vision will have a Garmin 3000 glass cockpit and an emergency parachute system like other Cirrus models. The Visions cabin holds six passengers and is powered by a single Williams International FJ33 turbofan that produces 1,900 pounds of thrust.


Some critics say that with a service ceiling of only 28,000 feet and a cruise speed of 300kt, it’s not as efficient as a traditional multi-engine business jet. The advantage for first time would-be jet pilots is that they don’t need a multi-engine rating and advanced high altitude experience. The Vision only requires one pilot and Cirrus believes its market will be single engine pilots that have glass cockpit experience, looking to transition to a jet without getting a very hard new rating or multi-engine certificate.


Cirrus has already started taking orders for the Vision and once the light jet is fully certified in the U.S., you may be seeing them at an airport near you.


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