Travel Assurance Promise™ – Don’t Leave Home Without It!


March 10, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

You’ve got your passport, researched and found the perfect hotel, bought your airline tickets and planned out your adventures for your dream trip. But did you ever consider what would happen if you got sick or injured while traveling? Did you know that more than 13.5 million travelers are hospitalized each year while traveling away from home?

Today’s travelers are more adventurous, going on Eco-Vacations and traveling to more exotic, remote locations than ever before. When traveling, people tend to be more courageous, trying new sports and extreme activities. Not many people think about what would happen if they ever got injured or sick far from home. What if you’re in a country where the medical care and hospitals are sub-par and you need to be evacuated home for critical care?

The truth is accidents and illness can happen anywhere, anytime and if you need a medical flight home, you may be in store for a surprise. Not all health insurance policies, trip insurance plans or credit cards cover medical transport. If you’re too ill to travel by a commercial flight, you may need to rely on an air ambulance to bring you home. As a matter of fact, more than 500,000 air medical transports happen worldwide every year and if you don’t have coverage, it could cost you estimated thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution for this. Angel MedFlight, is partnered with Travel Assurance Promise™. Travel Assurance Promise™ has membership plans to fit every travelers needs, from two week plans, one-month plans, annual and five year plans for the frequent traveler. The plans include ground ambulance and medical air transport on an Angel MedFlight jet, like one of our medically configured Learjet 60s. Angel MedFlight offers unsurpassed quality in medical transport and customer service. With our Bedside-to-Bedside® medical transfer service, you’ll be accompanied by a team of Angel MedFlight’s highly trained medical personnel for every segment of your medical transfer, including ground and air.

Angel MedFlight’s jets are configured like a high-tech flying ICU, that can transport a patient with any number of medical conditions including, but not limited to: neonatal and pediatrics patients, burn and wound patients, traumatic brain injury (TBI’s) patients, spinal cord injury patients, status post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injury patients, respiratory illness and cancer patients.

Travel Assurance Promise™ representatives are available to respond to your call 24/7/365. Once you’re a member you’ll have peace-of-mind for your trip. If the unexpected happens and you are sick or injured, the process is simple for members of Travel Assurance Promise™.

1. Activate

Should you be faced with an unexpected emergency and become hospitalized, you or your loved one can activate your membership with a simple phone call to Travel Assurance Promise™. Then Angel MedFlight, will manage the logistics of your air medical transport from Bedside-to-Bedside®.

2. Communicate

A team of Angel MedFlight case managers will review your case and work in conjunction with the attending and receiving facility physicians to ensure all your medical needs are met.

3. Dispatch

Angel MedFlight will dispatch a state-of-the-art, medically configured jet to your location.


4. Transport

Your air medical transport will include two critical-care medical personnel to accompany you from your bedside at the sending hospital to your bedside at the receiving facility to ensure you are receiving the best possible care, comfort and support during your medical flight.

In a recent MSN Money article, they said “Your existing health insurance may cover you to some degree while traveling, but complications can include medical care outside of your provider network or the exclusion of coverage overseas. Some health care providers in other countries also require immediate payment. Travel insurance may be able to fill the gaps in your health insurance coverage in the event of an accident or medical emergency. However, be aware that some policies may limit coverage for pre-existing conditions and older travelers.”

Furthermore, it’s important to note that some travel insurance companies may only cover the cost to the nearest adequate medical facility, by most economic means. This might mean they can’t bring you back home like Travel Assurance Promise™ can.

Traveling is fun and creates a lifetime of special memories for you and your companions. Don’t let an unforeseen event like an injury or illness ruin your experience and perhaps even cause you financial difficulties. Travel wisely and be prepared. When you’re planning your adventure to Costa Rica or your trip to Belize, also take time to look into Travel Assurance Promise™. With a team like Angel MedFlight and Travel Assurance Promise™ on your side, you can travel safe, travel prepared and travel assured!

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