An Angel MedFlight Flight Coordinator’s Path to Flight Nurse


April 23, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

It seems that a passion for aviation is a common thread here among employees at Angel MedFlight, and that is certainly the case for Flight Coordinator, R.N. Matthew Lejcar. Lejcar has been a pilot for more than 24 years and really enjoys working on and flying planes. When it comes to his interest in aviation and working at Angel MedFLight, Lejcar says, “I really like the mix of medical and aviation within one job.” Lejcar works in Angel MedFlight’s Flight Coordination department. Flight coordinators are the ones on the front lines, taking phone calls from case managers and family members, coordinating with insurance companies, arranging flights and being advocates for the patients. As a flight coordinator, Lejcar says he really enjoys learning about the insurance side of health care and working with good people.

Recently, Lejcar accepted a new position at Angel MedFlight and is currently transitioning from flight coordinator to flight nurse. Lejcar’s path to becoming a flight nurse for Angel MedFlight is an interesting one. Originally having gone to school to become a teacher, Lejcar choose instead to join the Mesa, Arizona police department as a police officer. After eight years on the force he realized he had an interest in healthcare and returned to school to train to become a nurse.

It’s fair to say that Lejcar has seen it all. After graduating from nursing school Lejcar spent his entire nursing career as an E.R. nurse. Having this type of diverse experience as an E.R. nurse should prove to be a valuable asset as an Angel MedFlight flight nurse. Lejcar was going through flight training to be a back-up flight nurse when a position became available, and he was able to transition into the new role. Lejcar says, “As a flight nurse, I get to help be part of a team that transports the patient from bedside to bedside safely. I am looking forward to meeting the people on the other end of the phone and traveling to some different locations.” Angel MedFlight transports patients worldwide on our Learjets, so Lejcar should get to travel to many different locations around the globe.

Matthew Lejcar has worked at Angel MedFlight since October 2013, is married and has two children. We wish him the best in his new and exciting position as an Angel MedFlight Flight Nurse and know he’ll be a valuable asset to the patients we transport.

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