May 18-24 is National EMS Week



President Gerald Ford signed the Emergency Medical Services Systems (EMMS) Act in 1973.  One year later, he declared National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week.  The theme for this year’s week is “EMS: Dedicated. For Life”.  EMS is a vital and critical part of the healthcare system today. Emergency Medical Service professionals include physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, dispatchers, and support staff. These people are the first ones to respond to an emergency, and the ones delivering emergency care in emergency departments. Oftentimes, they put their own lives in jeopardy while trying to save others. They provide acute emergent care, stabilize patients, and transport them to the nearest appropriate medical facility.


Paramedics are one branch of the EMS family.  They are highly trained, licensed healthcare professionals who can perform advanced life support (ALS), administer life-saving drugs, perform intubation, and are trained to treat multiple types of injuries. Paramedics respond to everything from heart attacks to trauma. Angel MedFlight places a highly specialized Flight Paramedic on every medical flight. Flight Paramedics have prior experience working as EMS paramedics, typically on board ground ambulances.  Beyond standardized EMS training, Flight Paramedics are required to be trained and certified in flight physiology, allowing them to deliver critical care with the nuances of flying at 40,000 feet.


National EMS Week is dedicated to providing awareness and education around safety and emergency medical services. It is also the opportunity to recognize and honor the hard working, dedicated men and women who serve as the front line of medicine. It is because of the training, experience, passion, and dedication that our medical crew brings to the table, helping out patients get to the level of care that they require, that Angel MedFlight is able to provide patients with a high level of specialty care.  Today and every day, Angel MedFlight expresses thanks and gratitude to all EMS professionals; past, present and future.

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