World No Tobacco Day is May 31st


May 30, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

At Angel MedFlight, we promote doing all one can to stay healthy in order to live a long, happy, and eventful life. In recognition of World No Tobacco Day, we thought we would take the time to provide some facts about tobacco and its effects on the world. According to World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco kills almost 6 million people worldwide every year. 600,000 of these deaths are from people who do not smoke, but are subjected to second-hand smoke. It is estimated that by 2030, tobacco related deaths will reach 8 million.


WHO hopes to spread awareness of the repercussions of tobacco use.  They want people to know that even if you are not a smoker yourself, second hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking. WHO states that an estimated 40% of all children have an adult around them that smokes. Second-hand smoke causes health problems later in life, including conditions such as heart disease and lung cancer.  There are a reported 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, and an estimated 250 of those chemicals can cause cancer.


As part of the fight against tobacco use, WHO urges countries to raise taxes on tobacco products as a way to reduce sales. According to WHO, anti-smoking ads and more graphic warning labels are helping reduce the buying of tobacco products.  Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking and want to quit.  The problems people trying to quit face are not knowing how to begin and where to get the help they need to succeed.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that if you are trying to quit, make a plan, and think of the positive benefits of quitting smoking each day as a way to keep motivated.  Listed below are some of the CDC’s reasons to quit all types of tobacco usage:


  • Health – You are at risk for cancer, heart disease, strokes and more
  • Appearance – You will look healthier, and teeth will be whiter
  • Financial – Your expenses will lessen when you do not buy tobacco
  • Quality of Life – Food will taste better, things will smell better, your senses will be heightened
  • Odor – Your house, clothes, and car will not smell
  • Family and Friends – Will be proud of you and will not be subjected to second-hand smoke


The CDC suggests setting a date to quit and to tell your friends and family for support. Depression and anxiety can occur during the quitting process.  Check with your doctor about certain medications that might help with quitting. One suggestion is to think of an activity you can do to distract yourself when a craving sets in. There are a lot of other great tips to help quit and give the support needed on the CDC website:


We hope you find this information useful and informative.  If you have not already decided to quit smoking, World No Tobacco Day is a good time to make the first step in achieving a healthier lifestyle.


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