Pets Beneficial to Health and Wellbeing

Woman Tenderly Hugging and Kissing Pet Dog

Woman Tenderly Hugging and Kissing Pet Dog

“They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure, and be loyal” – Tom Hayden

June 23, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

All throughout history, people have been taming wild animals to become their pets.  Companionship, love, and pure loyalty are what human beings crave, and are received from owning pets.  Now, it is coming to light that pets actually provide mental and physical health benefits.  At any age of a person’s life, owning a pet will benefit him or her in ways that they will not even realize are happening.

Having a pet around a baby provides the benefit of increasing the immune system.  The more germs a child is exposed to, the tougher their immune system will become.  In an age when ‘anti bacterial’ is listed on every product, and antibiotics are prescribed for everything, building a good immune system can be hard to accomplish.  Immunity must be created at a young age.  Dr. David Sack, CEO of Promises, says that “A study found that children ages 5 to 7 from pet-owning households attend school three weeks more per year than those who don’t have pets”.  This is a result of a child with a strong immune system who is able to fight off being sick.  As it is known, dogs and cats are the best cuddle companions on the planet.  When they are snuggled up with a baby or a little child, they are providing more than just something warm and soft to cuddle with; they are helping that child to have a longer, healthier life.

When people enter adulthood, all the pressures and responsibilities of the real world come pouring down.  Unhealthy habits develop. Stress and depression become a reality. This is where owning a pet becomes very beneficial; allowing people to take a break from all of the struggles of life and relax.  Doctor Mark Hyman says that “Numerous studies, including those funded by the National Institute of Health, show that dogs can provide better social support and stress relief than even our friends and family can offer”.  Having a pet can help one deal with loneliness, depression, and many other mental struggles.  Dogs help get their owners up and out, making them exercise.  According to the CDC, this can help with cholesterol, blood pressure, weight control, and mental health.

Pets have a calming effect on people of all ages.  They are used in many facilities as part of the therapy and recovery process.  They allow patients to have a sense of purpose, developing responsibility, and give them a reason to be active.  Having these positive feelings is necessary for overall health and wellbeing.

As an air medical transport provider, Angel MedFlight strives to provide the highest level of care for its patients, continually seeking ways to elevate the medical flight experience.   Angel MedFlight recognizes the benefits of pet companionship and allows pets to accompany patients on medical flights, another way to help the patient feel relaxed and safe during a very stressful time.

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