Behind the Scenes of an Angel MedFlight Video Shoot

Angel MedFlight and The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) have been working together for many years. Because of Angel MedFlight’s reputation for excellence and innovation, they were asked by CMSA to donate their talent to produce, write, and film a sixty-second public service announcement explaining exactly what a case manager is, and how they contribute to the functioning of the health care community.

Albert Miller, Angel MedFlight videographer assisting in case manager video for CMSA

Albert Miller, Angel MedFlight videographer assisting in case manager video for CMSA

With the guidance of  CMSA’s outgoing president Nancy Skinner, the Angel MedFlight marketing team was able to create the perfect video. For two days, Barry Keyles, Albert Miller, and Jeff Loewe of the videography team worked hands on with fellow coworkers and CMSA members to bring the video to life.

Day One:

The first day of shooting took place at Angel MedFlight offices, utilizing company employees and on-site facilities.  Nancy Skinner and Kathleen Fraser, incoming CMSA President were filmed in front of a green screen. After Skinner and Fraser performed their parts in front of the green screen, the videographers put their skills to work.  They were able to have Skinner and Fraser appear to move from room to room in a hospital as if they were actually there.

Albert Miller and Jeff Loewe filming for CMSA video

Albert Miller and Jeff Loewe filming for CMSA video

The next scene was shot on location at the home of one of Angel MedFlight’s dedicated employees. Alan Heft, his wife, and two daughters were portrayed as a family arriving home from the hospital with their injured child.  The team set up the shots outside of Heft’s house, capturing the love and support that Heft and his family naturally show for each other.  A new, advanced handheld camera-gimbal was used to get a long panning shot of the family as they were arriving home. The camera then focused on Fraser as she explained how the portrayed family was positively affected by a case manager.


Family returning home from the hospital

Family returning home from the hospital


Day Two:

The second day of filming was the most adventurous and challenging part of the shoot. The day was spent on location at a local Phoenix rehabilitation facility. The first scene filmed was a patient in a hospital bed with his family gathered around him, while a case manager is speaking in the foreground. This setup allows the videography team to really capture the stress and emotion that comes with a loved one being in the hospital.  The case manager speaking in front of him provides comfort through the information being given.  Several Angel MedFlight employees and staff members of the facility volunteered to be the actors.

Filming of a patient in a rehabilitation facility

Filming of a patient in a rehabilitation facility

The next shot took place in the rehabilitation gym, where physical therapists re-enacted the treatment of patients.  Once again, a case manager is in the foreground explaining how a case manager is able to provide valuable assistance to patients and family members in those situations.

In those two days, many people commented on how amazing it was to see everyone from Angel MedFlight and the rehabilitation facility working together to create such impactful footage. Each member of the staff is passionate about the work they do for Angel MedFlight, including the videographers. This shows through in the quality and emotion that is conveyed in the video.  Videographer Miller commented on how “it was great working on this project with CMSA…We also had the opportunity to use some new technology on this shoot, like the Cannon 1D, which shoots in the latest 4k resolution, the Cannon 5D Mark iii, and a new motorized 3 axis gimbal”.  All of this new technology allows the Angel MedFlight team to create even higher quality productions in their projects.


The PSA was officially debuted at the 24th CMSA Conference and Expo in June held in Cleveland, Ohio. CMSA presented Angel MedFlight with a special award their hard work, dedication, and commitment to making a quality film that will help advance the field of case management.

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