Angel MedFlight Team at the Case Managers Society of America 24th Annual Conference and Expo

Angel MedFlight presents a check

Angel MedFlight presents a check

July 11, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


Angel MedFlight was proud to once again participate at the 24th annual Case Management Society of America Conference and Expo that was held June 17-20th in Cleveland, Ohio.  Angel MedFlight had their own booth, held presentations, and handed out giveaways to all who stopped by.

The Case Managers Society of America (CMSA)“is the leading membership association providing professional collaboration across the healthcare continuum to advocate for patients’ wellbeing and improved health outcomes by fostering case management growth and development, impacting health care policy, and providing evidence-based tools and resources” (   CMSA allows case managers from across the country to join together to help provide the best care and experience possible for their patients and loved ones. Angel MedFlight works one-on-one with many members of the CMSA community to coordinate the care and safe transport of patients who are in need. In the opening ceremonies, CMSA members honored Angel MedFlight with the Award of Recognition for “Extraordinary Contribution to Advancing the Practice of Case Management”.  The Angel MedFlight booth was a place of giveaways, presentations, and lots of information on the services provided. Lotions, toy airplanes, and signature pens were handed out.  Several lucky attendees won prizes including $100 Visa gift cards, $500 in cash and an Alaskan Cruise!

Angel MedFlight presents the winner of the Alaskan Cruise with their prize.

Angel MedFlight presents the winner of the Alaskan Cruise with their prize.


Angel MedFlight Flight Nurse Greg Tidrick and Flight Paramedic Matt Butler lead the presentation “Innovation in Air Medical Crew Training.” Tidrick kicked off the session by explaining the history of air medical transport.  He talked about how the very first medical transport vehicles were hot air balloons, whisking injured soldiers off battlefields, and airlifting the wounded into the earliest airplanes. Today, more than 300 air medical programs exist in the United States alone.

Tidrick went on to explain what a typical medical flight crew consists of: critical care flight nurse, critical care paramedic, pilot, and co-pilot. “Flight paramedics and flight nurses must have extensive experience in critical care, as experience builds autonomy”, Tidrick explained.

The key characteristic of a flight nurse and paramedic is that “they must be great communicators and think on their feet”, Tidrick said.  The nurse and paramedic must work as a team to be prepared and tackle any medical emergency situation that may arise at any point during the flight.  Their number one goal is to keep the patient healthy and alive.

Tidrick goes on to tell about what Angel MedFlight does to make sure that all flight medical crew are equipped with the training and skills necessary to provide the best care possible. All flight nurses and flight paramedics must participate in advanced training curriculum and be prepared to treat any circumstance or trauma issues that may arise during a medical transport. They are trained with the use of SimMan®, a simulator android on which trainees can participate in life-saving maneuvers as the simulator has life-like reactions. SimMan® reacts as a real patient would; blinks, secretes from eyes, ears, and nose, among other bodily functions.  Training on this simulator allows nurses and paramedics to be more prepared for any emergency situation that may occur during a transport.

Tidrick and Butler went on to demonstrate a typical scenario when transporting a patient who becomes critical at high altitude. They explained that crews must be keenly aware of the laws of physics regarding oxygen, gas, and how altitude plays a role in what a team needs to do to administer the best treatment to a patient. Angel MedFlight crews are experts at trauma recovery, repatriation, and the transport of patients who are in need of organ transplants and other life-saving procedures.

Angel MedFlight was honored and proud to be able to contribute to the success of another annual CMSA conference.  The team is looking forward to collaborating with many more CMSA members on future flights.

For more information on CMSA and Angel MedFlight’s role in the conference, visit


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