Angel MedFlight’s New World-Traveled Videographer

Angel MedFlight Videographer Jeff Loewe

Angel MedFlight Videographer Jeff Loewe


July 16, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

He’s traveled the world shooting skiing, surfing, travel and music videos. He’s Jeff Loewe, AMF’s new videographer.

Loewe joined the AMF team a couple of months ago. In this short span of time, he has assisted in filming a public service announcement for the Case Management Society of America, filmed Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken-Rouen on her medical transport, and is currently working on multiple other productions for AMF.  He has traveled around the world, from places such as Alaska all the way to Iceland, shooting skiing and surfing videos for various projects.


We recently got a chance to ask him a few questions in between editing a video:


AMF – What got you interested in Photography/Videography? Do you have any role models?


Jeff – “I got interested in photography and videography when I was about 12 years old. I was really into mechanical objects and a lot of older cameras, such as the Bolex h-16, had moving parts that made noise, gears that spun and other funky things that drew me to it. I’m really interested in what makes things work on a technical level. Cameras just seemed to have a huge draw from a young age for me because of this.”


Jeff got his first 35mm camera when he was 9 or 10 years old, He learned to operate the camera by taking classes in outdoor photography.Jeff became interested in shooting videos after seeing a Warren Miller Skiing film. “He used to shoot on an old Bolex, so naturally I wanted one as well. This is the only camera I’ve ever kept and never sold to replace. There’s something truly special and unique about film.” “Watching those films inspired me to go out to the hill and shoot skiing,” Jeff explained.

Jeff filming with his Red Camera

Jeff filming with his Red Camera

Earlier this year, Jeff got to travel to Norway to shoot some skiing footage.  He was lucky enough to get to go along with his role model cinematographer, Tom Day. Day is a world famous cinematographer known for his work on Warren Miller Ski films and more. Jeff had a chance to film and edit a Warren Miller trailer with Day. “I really try to model my workflows and in the field processes after Tom. He’s been at it for so long that working with someone like that kind of sets you back down a few pegs, but shows what levels you can achieve if you work as hard as they have,” said Jeff on his opportunity to work with Day.


AMF – Where were some of your most memorable shoots/countries you visited?

Jeff – “The mostmemorable countries have been Norway, Iceland and India. Norway has a certain magic and clarity. It’s quiet and uninterrupted by the rest of the world, yet extremely modern. They have traditions that have been in place for many generations, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.India, Pakistan and Kashmir are just spectacular. Iceland is magical, can surf and ski in one day. No trees, but plenty of waterfalls, volcanoes and other unique things to make it amazing.”


AMF –What do you like about working at AMF?

 Jeff – “In my short time at AMF, I like the people the most. Anywhere you can come in and make friends quickly is really amazing. The family feel is the best part so far.”


Jeff has had many opportunities to travel around the world and experience many adventure through his work.  Besides shooting video and still photography, Jeff likes to play hockey, ski, surf and workout.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs, a husky and a poodle.  AMF is looking forward to seeing all that Jeff has to bring to the videography team.



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