Celebrate Those Who Advocate For Patients


October 17, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

Case Managers are healthcare professionals who advocate, coordinate and dedicate their lives to helping patients understand their health issues, treatments and care. Each year during a week in October people celebrate their hard work and the good that they do as patient advocates. October 12th – 18th is National Case Management Week; a weeklong celebration that was first introduced in 1999. The purpose is to recognize the important contributions Case Managers make to improving the lives of patients and to the healthcare industry in general.


Angel MedFlight works closely with Case Managers on a daily basis to arrange air medical transportation for their patients.  We also support and are involved in the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and American Case Management Association (ACMA) that help educate, train and inform Case Managers and other healthcare professionals on the importance of Case Management. Angel MedFlight also has a dedicated team of Case Mangers in our Flight Coordination department. They work with the patient’s insurance company, coordinate the air and ground transportation for medical transports and collaborate with healthcare professionals and Case Managers at the sending and receiving facilities.


Case Managers collaborate with other healthcare professionals, like doctors, nurses, and caregivers all for the benefit of their patient. They facilitate and coordinate the patient’s comprehensive healthcare needs, with a goal of helping patients to become healthier faster. They use their vast resources and tools to advocate for the patient’s rights and needs, educate their patients about their treatments and medications, and help find them more affordable solutions that provide them with the best overall outcome.


Angel MedFlight appreciates and celebrates all Case Managers every day and encourages those who have been helped by Case Manager to reach out this week and thank them for their service.  Happy National Case Management Week!


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